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COVID-19 RT-PCR Testing

Accurate and Easy Testing

AZOVA’s connected digital health technology enables your organization to deploy fast, convenient COVID-19 testing solutions to help you safely naviagate the current pandemic. AZOVA supports on site testing programs, drive through testing programs, at home testing programs and any COVID testing workflow that your organziation may need. We provide an end-to-end technology and testing solution customized just for you.

COVID-19 RT-PCR Testing

At Home Testing

Your employees, students or clients register online and we’ll ship the test directly to them. This service includes:

  • Test kit with test collection device and instruction booklet
  • Two way shipping
  • Electronic test ordering services
  • Electronic results reporting to the employee, student or client.
  • Electronic consent management for sharing results with your organization as needed.

AZOVA is the only COVID testing solution that provides a digital copy of each student and employee’s COVID test results through the COVID Credentials program. We manage consent and enable the option for your program to quickly receive, access and view all test results for your entire population. No faxes and no nightmares trying to figure out how to get test results and how to organize them. Our medical management team will also help you to navigate the best program and workflow to meet your needs.

On Site Testing

Onsite testing services include a ordering provider services, technology solutions, testing supplies, shipping and customized account management services.

Drive through testing programs

AZOVA's innovative drive through testing system enables you to take your program live in any number of locations in a number of days. We'll provide consultative services to enable the most streamlined and efficient program possible.

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About our tests

AZOVA offers a number of gold standard COVID-19 RT-PCR Saliva testing solutions. We partner only with CLIA certified laboratories who process testing under FDA Emergency Use Authorizations. Our PCR tests have 98 to 99% sensitivity and 99 to 100% specificity. AZOVA offers the only FDA authorized self-administered saliva test on the market today.

Assay Sensitivity Specificity False Positive Rate False Negative Rate
COVID-19 Saliva PCR 98-99% 99-100% <1% 1-2%
The Comprehensive COVID Management Suite™

Manage COVID-19 for thousands of employees or students from your own dashboard or outsource management services to AZOVA.

Choose this program if:

  • You want a comprehensive and affordable turnkey solution for managing very large numbers of people from a single dashboard. Do the work of hundreds of people from a single dashboard.
  • You want to monitor your employees, students or enrollees for COVID symptoms with a centralized secure communication system, quarantine management system and digital CDC-based algorithm-driven COVID assessments that are deployed to your population at any time points you desire.
  • You want to seamlessly enable access to at home or in pharmacy testing for your population.
  • You want to offer an optional low cost access to telemedicine providers across all fifty states to assist any of your students or employees who need medical attention without the need to go into the doctor.

This program includes COVID Credentials, Monitoring and Assessment, COVID Testing and Telemedicine

Get the Comprehensive COVID Management Suite

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COVID Credentials™

The only universal COVID Test Results, Symptom Status and Immunization Record Sharing Solution on the Market.

This product is included in all of our business solutions offered to health departments, schools, universities, airlines, cruise lines, restaurants, salons, movie theaters, concert halls, doctor’s offices and other organizations who only need to verify COVID Credentials when a customer visits your business.

What you get

  • Your own customized COVID Credentials webpage branded with your logo.
  • Place your webpage on your website or email/text it to people from whom you need to receive COVID Credentials.
  • The recipient registers in less than three minutes and automatically shares any COVID test results, symptom information, temperature status and vaccination status with you automatically.
  • Your COVID Credentials dashboard enables you to quickly identify individuals who have tested positive, are symptomatic or should not be granted entrance to your organization or event.
What you get

Registration is quick and easy. You can be up and running in a little as 15 minutes.

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COVID-19 and Telemedicine

Let AZOVA take care of your employee and student health with it’s online network of licended healthcare providers in all 50 states.

Online medicine made simple

Care for general illness and COVID-related management is available in all 50 states right when your employees need it. AZOVA provides online access to local healthcare providers right from your website. There is no need to leave home or the office to get the care that you and your employees need.

Visit Types

Choose from primary care, women’s health, men’s health, pediatrics and many more telemedicine services. Whatever you need, we convenient digital heatlh benefits for your organization. AZOVA allows patients to visit with healthcare providers through HIPAA-secure secure messaging with photo sharing, telephone calls and face-to-face video chats. Your employees or students can access these services on a web browser on their computer or on their mobile devices using the AZOVA app. The AZOVA app and website adhere to the highest HIPAA, SOC 2 and HITRUST standards, ensuring that your healthcare data and COVID status is encrypted end-to-end.

Online medicine made simple

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