Vaxigo™ Digital Vaccination Management Suite and Vaccination Services.

Manage vaccinations for your company, a city, a state or an entire country with Vaxigo.

Manage your own vaccination events with Vaxigo or outsource vaccination services to our vaccination management team or you can access our nationwide network of vaccination providers. We’ll create a customized solution just for you.

Vaxigo is available on our native mobile or web applications with streamlined workflows and integrated scheduling, eligibility management, clinical documentation, adverse events reporting, inventory management, automated CVRS reporting, bidirectional immunization registry integration, immunization forecasting, electronic distribution of vaccination information, and collection of post-vaccination patient-reported outcomes.

An entire vaccination service is completed in 30 seconds or less. Vaxigo runs in AZOVA’s connected digital health ecosystem with the ability to document, share and validate any vaccination or vaccination record in seconds. Vaxigo is interoperable with any immunization information system or you can leverage AZOVA’s own immunization information system with population-level insights and statistics for your own population.

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Vaxigo™ Digital Vaccination Management Suite

COVID-19 RT-PCR Testing

Accurate and Easy Testing

AZOVA’s connected digital health technology enables your organization to deploy fast, convenient COVID-19 testing solutions to help you safely naviagate the pandemic. AZOVA supports on site testing programs, drive through testing programs, at home testing programs and any COVID testing workflow that your organziation may need. We provide an end-to-end technology, testing and staffing solutions customized just for you.

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At Home Testing for Your Organization - Saliva or Nasal RT-PCR

Your employees, students or clients register online and we’ll ship the test directly to them. This service includes:

  • Test kit with test collection device and instruction booklet
  • Two way shipping
  • Electronic test ordering services
  • Electronic results reporting to the employee, student or client.
  • Electronic consent management for sharing results with your organization as needed.

AZOVA is the only COVID testing solution that provides a digital copy of each participant’s COVID test results through the COVID Credentials™. We manage consent to enable your organization to quickly receive, access and view all test results for your entire population. No faxes and no nightmares trying to figure out how to get test results and how to organize them. Our medical management team will also help you to navigate the best program and workflow to meet your needs.

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At Home Testing for Your Organization - Saliva or Nasal RT-PCR

On Site Testing

Onsite testing services include ordering provider services, test administration staffing, technology solutions, testing supplies, shipping and customized account management services.

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About Our Diagnostic Tests

AZOVA offers a number of gold standard COVID-19 RT-PCR testing options including at-home self-administered nasal and saliva testing or provider administered nasal or nasopharyngeal tests. We partner only with CLIA certified laboratories who process testing under FDA Emergency Use Authorization. Our PCR tests have 98 to 99% sensitivity and 99 to 100% specificity. AZOVA offers the only PCR saliva test on the market today that is capable of detecting SARS-CoV2 and its known variants.

Assay Sensitivity Specificity False Positive False Negative
COVID-19 Saliva PCR 98-99% 99-100% <1% 1-2%
COVID-19 Nasal PCR 98-99% 99-100% <1% 1-2%
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Rapid Antigen Testing

Rapid antigen testing is available through onsite or provider administered options or at a participating network pharmacy. Services include ordering provider services, technology solutions, testing supplies, shipping and customized account management services.

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Rapid Antigen Testing

Rapid Antibody Testing

Rapid antibody testing is available through onsite or provider administered options or at a participating network pharmacy. Services include ordering provider services, technology solutions, testing supplies, shipping and customized account management services.

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Pooled Saliva or Nasal Swab PCR Surveillance Testing -NEW

Pooled PCR surveillance testing is the newest way to detect SARS-CoV2 infection before symptoms start. It is recommended to screen your entire population twice a week to keep infection rates at the lowest rates possible. The cost of testing can be as low as $6 to $25 per person. With pooled saliva or nasal swab testing, each individual provides a sample and the samples are combined to create a “testing pool”. You will recieve a result for the pool. If a pool tests positive, you can follow up with a more sensitive diagnostic test to determine who in the pool is positive. This approach is very easy to implement and increases the number of individuals who can be tested using the same amount of resources.

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Mask Surveillance Testing™

Mask survenllance testing is the simplest surveillance testing method available. We test the simple surgical masks that your population is wearing every day. The masks are collected and grouped together in a “mask pool”. At the laboratory, pieces of the center of each mask are cut from the mask and are tested with one of the most sensitive PCR assays in the world. If a pool of masks tests positive, then you know that someone in your pool is positive and a follow up with an individual diagnostic test is provided. Worn mask testing requires no health care professional for sampling, it is easy to implement and very cost effective.

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Mask Surveillance Testing™

Environmental Surface Testing - Keep Your Environment COVID free.

Epidemiologic environemental surface studies show that high touch surfaces can be infected with the SARS-CoV2 virus in up to 9% of samples. AZOVA’s environemental surface testing is the best way to assure that your cleaning protocols are working. By testing your high-traffic surfaces such as doorknobs, desk tops, keyboards, telephones or other commonly touched surfaces, you can determine if your organization’s cleaning protocol is adequate or not. This program is perfect for financial institutions, airlines, gaming, restaurants, schools and other high traffic locations. This method is affordable and is very easy to implement.

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COVID Solutions for Every Industry

The Comprehensive COVID Management Suite with Daily Check-In™

  • A comprehensive and affordable turnkey solution for managing very large numbers of people from a single dashboard. Do the work of hundreds of people from a single dashboard.
  • Monitor your employees, students or enrollees for COVID symptoms with a centralized secure communication system, quarantine management system and digital CDC-based algorithm-driven COVID assessments that are deployed to your population at any time points you desire.
  • Seamlessly enable access to at home or in pharmacy testing for your population.
  • Offer an optional low cost access to telemedicine providers across all fifty states to assist any of your students or employees who need medical attention without the need to go into the doctor.

This program includes COVID Credentials, Monitoring and Assessment, COVID Testing and Telemedicine

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COVID Credentials™ COVID Testing, Antibody Testing and Vaccination Record Validation

COVID Credentials™is the only COVID testing and vaccination passport with dynamically source verified data. AZOVA’s solutions are deployed with airlines and organziation across the globe to assist your population in navigating the new normal.

COVID Cedentials is included with all of our business solutions and provides a shareable COVID testing and vaccination record that is free to your population. AZOVA’s electronic validation services can be purchased to validate any COVID test or Vaccination record that was obtained outside of the AZOVA Digital Health System. Whether you are an event manager, an airline, a hotel or resort, a school or university, or any organziation who needs a simple way to quickly verify COVID status, COVID Credentials is your solution.

COVID Credentials™ COVID Testing

What you Get

  • Your own customized COVID Credentials webpage branded with your logo.
  • Place your webpage on your website or email/text it to people from whom you need to receive COVID Credentials.
  • The recipient registers in less than three minutes and automatically shares any COVID test results, symptom information, temperature status and vaccination status with you automatically.
  • Your COVID Credentials dashboard enables you to quickly identify individuals who have tested positive, are symptomatic or should not be granted entrance to your organization or event.
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Vaxigo Vaccination Record Validation Service

Need a way to validated and manage COVID vaccination records? Use the Vaxigo Vaccination Validation Service to easily acquire validated COVID vaccination records for your students, travelers or customers. Choose from an API to access only status information or manage all shared records on your own dashboard. AZOVA’s vaccination validation service can be accessed through a simple widget that you place on your own website.

The two step process first collects consent from the patient to share their vaccination record with you and is followed by a patient-driven electronic vaccination record validation service request from AZOVA. We’ll locate the source of the vaccination record and we’ll provide electronic validation that the vaccination was really provided. Your employees, students or travelers can consent to share their records with you and you can view the vaccination records status of your population from a single dashboard.

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Vaccination Record Validation Service

The Smart Test Tool™ for travel. Quickly schedule a COVID test and learn the testing requirements anywhere in the world.

The Smart Test Tool is a dynamic real-time database of COVID testing requirements in any country in the world. AZOVA’s integrated laboratory network and COVID Credentials provideaccess to the most consumer-friendly COVID testing solutions in the world. This product is perfect for airlines, governments, travel and tourism companies and business travel organizations.

The Smart Test Tool™ for travel

COVID-19 and Telemedicine

Let AZOVA take care of your employee and student health with our online network of licended healthcare providers in all 50 states.

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COVID-19 and Telemedicine

Online Medicine Made Simple

Care for general illness and COVID-related management is available in all 50 states right when your employees need it. AZOVA provides online access to local healthcare providers right from your website. There is no need to leave home or the office to get the care that you and your employees need.

Visit Types

Choose from primary care, women’s health, men’s health, pediatrics and many more telemedicine services. Whatever you need, we provide convenient digital heatlh benefits for your organization. AZOVA allows patients to visit with healthcare providers through HIPAA-secure secure messaging with photo sharing, telephone calls and face-to-face video chats. Your employees or students can access these services on a web browser on a computer or mobile device using the AZOVA app. The AZOVA app and website adhere to the highest HIPAA, SOC 2 and HITRUST standards, ensuring that your healthcare data and COVID status is encrypted end-to-end.

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