Barbados Entry Requirements at a Glance

This nasopharyngeal RT-PCR COVID-19 test meets the entry requirements for travel to Barbados. You can learn more about the Barbados entry and testing requirements here.

Testing Required
Testing Required
All travelers need to be
tested before arrival
3 days
before arrival
Nasopharyngeal Swab Only

Quarantine After Arrival

As of 8 May, 2021, all travelers must go into quarantine when they land for 5 days unless you are fully vaccinated. Fully vaccinated means it has been 2 weeks or more since you received the last dose. If you have been fully vaccinated and can present a certificate of vaccination, you will be tested upon arrival with either a rapid or standard RT-PCR test and will be released from quarantine the moment your results are available. If you are not vaccinated, you must quarantine for 5 days and then take either a rapid or standard RT-PCR test. You will be released from quarantine once negative test results are in and with clearance of the Ministry of Health.

Travelers from India, South Africa, and Brazil must go through a mandatory 7-days quarantine and a standard PCR test. To learn more and to get tested to be released from quarantine, click the button below.

Quarantine Release Testing

How it works

STEP 1: Complete the assessment and register on AZOVA
Complete the pre-screening questions and register online to get a prescription lab order. We’ll send the order to the lab for you and will ship the kit via UPS next-day air (where available) directly to your home or office.
STEP 2: Schedule your concierge appointment
We’ll ask you to enter the address and the approximate date and time that you would like your concierge to arrive and collect your sample. You must schedule your test collection at least one hour before the cutoff time for next day air delivery at your local UPS Store. This service is not available on Sundays because UPS does not ship on Sundays.
STEP 3: Your concierge professional will come to you and collect your sample
Your concierge will arrive at your home or office at the pre-arranged time to collect the sample. Concierge professionals wear protective equipment and will maintain a safe distance.
STEP 4: We will deliver your sample to UPS
Your concierge will drop off your sample at the local UPS Store before the cutoff time for next-day air delivery (where available). If you are tested on a Saturday, your sample will be delivered to the lab on Monday.
STEP 5: Receive your results
We’ll send your results via a secure email and SMS within 12–48 hours from the time your sample arrives at the lab. 99% of test results are available within 36 hours from the time the lab receives your sample.
STEP 6: Complete your travel forms
Download the BIMSafe App and complete your Immigrations/Customs form at least 24 hours before your flight. Have your test results and BIMSafe QR Code visible upon arrival in Barbados. Have a safe trip and thanks for using AZOVA!

When to get tested

Review the following timeline carefully to ensure this test meets your Barbados travel needs, which requires a negative test result within 3 days of arrival in Barbados.

Order your test at the time of booking your flight or at least 1-2 weeks before you need to take the test to ensure you have it when needed.

Lab receives test on TUE WED THU FRI SAT MON TUE
Results available between TUE – THU WED – FRI THU – SAT FRI – SAT SAT – MON MON – WED TUE – THU
For arrival in Barbados on THU FRI SAT SUN MON TUE WED

* Collection services are not available after 12 PM on Saturday or any time on Sunday. Be sure to schedule your concierge appointment at least 1 hour your local UPS Store cutoff time for next-day air delivery.

  • Not all testing options are available 7 days a week or on public holidays. It is your responsibility to determine if there is testing availability for when you need to be tested. We recommend you schedule your test when you are planning your trip or at least 1-2 weeks in advance to ensure availability for when you need to be tested.
  • 99% of test results are reported within 36 hours from the time the lab receives your kit. Plan ahead for weather delays and holidays and please follow all directions to assure you get your results in time.

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