Have you wanted to offer pharmacogenomics testing but were not sure how you could get a physician’s lab order for the test? We’ve solved that problem and made it possible for you to offer pharmacogenomic testing to your patients AND get paid when you join our Pharmacogenomics Consultation Network.

How it Works

Step 1: Your patient purchases a pharmacogenomics test from your own custom branded, telemedicine-integrated pharmacogenomics website.

The cost of the test is $399 to the patient. This includes a telemedicine-based lab order, the OneOme RightMed Test, a lab report, and a pharmacogenomics consultation with you. Also an added bonus! Includes an MTHFR gene analysis FREE OF CHARGE ($199 value!).


Your pharmacogenomics web page is branded to you. Place it on your website, social media, or text it to your patients.

Note: This pharmacogenomics program is in partnership with OneOme Laboratories. This is a cash-based program. We are also working with employers and payers to drive insurance-based pharmacogenomics consultation programs to your pharmacy.

Step 2: Our telemedicine providers order the test electronically.


Step 3: The lab mails the kit to the patient and the patient takes the test at home and returns the kit to the lab. Shipping time is 1-3 days. Lab results are usually ready 3-4 days after the lab receives the kit, but may take up to 7-10 days in some cases.


Step 4: Your patient registers for a consultation with you (via video, telephone or in pharmacy) through the AZOVA platform. Document your consultation and share your recommendations with the patient and their doctor in one click through AZOVA. Once you’ve completed your consultation, AZOVA will pay you $70. It’s super easy and great for your patients.


About the AZOVA Digital Pharmacy Clinical Services Network

We have a unique model that combines Digital Health technology to enable you to offer prescription only lab testing, devices and medications by integrating telemedicine services into our clinical programs. It costs only $1/month to join the network. Your membership includes all the technology and training you need to participate. You choose which programs you want to offer and enjoy the variety of getting paid for various clinical services.

Sign Up Online at:
or send an email to: pharmacynetwork@AZOVA.com or Call 844-MY-AZOVA

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