Step 4 - Schedule the required video observation call in advance and within the required timeframe for your travel destination.
  • Get your lab order and we'll direct you to schedule this video call.
  • Activate your test kit and provide a saliva sample while you are on the video call.
  • The moment you activate your test kit will be recorded on your lab results as the sample collection time and will start the clock for travel.
  • If you need to get tested 72 hours before your trip to Hawaii, schedule your video call as close to 72 hours before departure.
  • If you need to get tested 5 days before your trip to Bermuda, schedule your call 5 days before departure. THIS TEST IS APPROVED FOR TRAVEL TO HAWAII AND BERMUDA. You will receive a video observation certificate and a travel certificate for Hawaii automatically along with your test results. If you do not complete the video observation, you will not receive these certificates.
  • To ensure time and availability visit

Note: Hawaii trips that depart on Tuesday or Wednesday are not recommended with this test due to the tight timelines.
Trips to Bermuda ARE supported with all departure days.