Individual student, patient or employee creates COVID Credentials from your organization’s customized microsite and consents to share them with you

You receive access to the COVID Credentials from anyone who has shared them with you

Anytime a new test result or COVID status is available, the COVID Credentials are updated automatically for you to see

Streamlined COVID Monitoring

Get the COVID Credentials program along with the COVID Monitoring and Testing Program from AZOVA and automatically manage thousands of people’s COVID status information automatically.

How it Works

COVID Credentials were created to enable anyone to quickly create and securely share their testing, symptom, antibody and immunization information with anyone else through our HIPPA secure national network.

Any employer, school, healthcare or government organization can connect to the network to securely receive, view and also electronically manage test results for thousands of people simultaneously. COVID Credentials can be combined with the full COVID Monitoring and Testing program for schools and employers. The full program includes:

Daily Digital Check In

Daily comprehensive digital check in for monitoring employee health in real time with optional quarantine and event management.

Personal Health Assistant

Algorithm-driven, personal health assistants coordinate access to COVID testing and telemedicine for employees who need it.

COVID Telehealth Services

Longitudinal COVID-19 management with access to our national COVID-19 Telemedicine Services provider network.

COVID 19 Testing

At home, on site, or in pharmacy testing provided by our national network of thousands of pharmacy partners across the nation.

Customized to Your Organization

COVID Credentials is free for your patients, students, employees and customers of your orgranization to use. A Patient, student, employee or customer cancreate and/or share their COVID Credentials with you automatically when they register through the custom COVID Credentials webpage of your organization. COVID Credneitals is ideal for:

  • Schools and Universities
  • Employers
  • Restaurants and Entertainment
  • Airline and Travel