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Get paid for providing COVID testing.

AZOVA is the only fully connected digital COVID testing network in the nation. This means that all testing providers and locations are part of a single connected digital health platform where patients can choose any test type from any testing location and then get tested and get their results electronically in a secure and shareable format. AZOVA maintains HIPAA, SOC2 and HITRUST certifications to protect user data. As a participating test site, you are able to provide your testing services and also securely communicate with any other healthcare provider in the network and securely share records, and collaborate in patient care.

AZOVA drives patients to access your COVID testing services through our contracts with self-insured employers, payers, government organizations, airlines and more. You can join the network and offer any FDA Emergency Use Authorized COVID test that you are already offering OR you can purchase test kits and supplies directly through AZOVA and participate in the program. Reimbursement rates vary based upon test type and current market rates. You can opt into each program as you wish.

The AZOVA COVID-19 testing network makes COVID-19 testing easily accessible to all

Your tests must be in one or more of the following Emergency Use Authorized categories in order for you to participate in the network:

  • AZOVA’s self-administered saliva PCR test kit (purchased from AZOVA).
  • Rapid PCR Testing
  • Rapid Antigen Testing
  • Antibody Testing
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You can purchase testing supplies directly from AZOVA or from your current distributor. Please check with your AZOVA sales representative for exclusive network pricing on all COVID-19 tests.

Who can join AZOVA’s COVID-19 testing network?

You can join the network if you or your facility has one or more COVID testing locations where you provide FDA Emergency Use Authorized COVID testing services. Pharmacies, physicians, health departments, hospitals, drive through testing locations are all welcome to join the network.

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Drive Through Testing
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Travel Locations

How much do I get paid for testing services when I join the COVID-19 testing network?

We believe that COVID testing should be available to anyone when and where they need it and at an affordable price. AZOVA offers a competitive reimbursement rate for each test that you provide through the network. The reimbursement rate is equal to the cost of your testing kits plus an administration fee.

Sign up to access and accept the COVID testing network contract and fee schedule. You will be paid via ACH direct deposit in the first week of each month for testing services that you provided in the previous month.

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Can I get special discounts on testing kits and supplies through AZOVA?

Yes. AZOVA is one of the largest distributors of at home saliva PCR test kits, rapid antigen tests and antibody tests. We are able to share our volume discounts with you. However, you do not have to purchase testing kits and supplies from AZOVA to participate in the COVID testing network. Any testing location can participate as long as your tests are FDA Emergency Use Authorized.

How it works

receive a custom-branded COVID testing microsite img
You'll receive a custom-branded COVID testing microsite where patients can purchase an at home COVID 19 saliva test kit or schedule an appointment with you to get any of the COVID testing services that you offer including AZOVA’s self-administered saliva PCR test, a rapid PCR test, a rapid antigen test, or a rapid IgG/IgM antibody test.
Place a link to your branded microsite on your website img
Place a link to your branded microsite on your website. Add it to your social media and text/email it out to your patients.
Your locations will also be listed in the national COVID-19 testing network img
Your locations will also be listed in the national COVID-19 testing network where employers, payers, schools and other organizations can send their employees, students, customers or patients to register for and receive your COVID-19 testing services.
Patients register online img
Patients register online and pay for COVID-19 testing services through AZOVA or, employers and other organizations reimburse AZOVA directly for services offered through the network. AZOVA collects payment and directly reimburses you at a rate that covers the cost of the test kits and supplies plus a test administration fee for each test that you administer. Your reimbursement rate is dependent upon the test you provided and market rates at the time. You can choose to opt into the COVID-19 testing network and accept our reimbursement rates as you wish.
Patient signs up for a test with you through the network img
When a patient signs up for a test with you through the network, the patient will receive an appointment registration QR code email confirmation. You will also receive a notification on your AZOVA dashboard each time that a patient registers for a testing service with you.
The patient arrives at your pharmacy or location img
The patient arrives at your pharmacy or location and must show their QR code registration confirmation email. Verify that the patient has paid and completed their online registration. Submit an electronic lab order for the test that you will provide and administer the test or give the patient their at home test kit.
The AZOVA system will provide a professional lab report img
The AZOVA system will provide a professional lab report PDF for any test that you offer through the network; high complexity laboratory PCR tests, rapid PCR tests, rapid antigen and rapid antibody tests will each get a lab report PDF through AZOVA. In addition, each patient will receive a COVID Credential™, a shareable COVID-19 test and immunization record.
If you have purchased the COVID-19 test lab reporting interface img
If you have purchased the COVID-19 test lab reporting interface, all of your test results will be reported to your state automatically. State reporting for high complexity laboratory PCR testing that is provided through the AZOVA laboratory network such as for the self-administered saliva PCR test kits is INCLUDED and is FREE OF CHARGE.

Join AZOVA’s fully connected digital vaccination network!

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