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Everything you need to securely track and manage employee testing for ETS compliance.

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What we do

Simple Testing Options with InteliSwab®
AZOVA provides compliant and easy to use at-home tests for your employees, including video proctoring to meet OSHA guidelines
Manage Employee Consent
Manage consent from your employees to share their records with you through AZOVA’s HIPAA, SOC 2 and HITRUST Certified platform
Easy Test Reporting
Provide a quick self-testing registration system for your employees to share their test results with you
Privacy For Employees
AZOVA ensures that your employee's healthcare data is encrypted end-to-end.
Track Vaccination Records
Choose from three levels of vaccine record verification to ensure records are authentic and compliant
OSHA Compliant
Manage your employees by group, location and supervisor with automated notifications of testing and compliance
Realtime Updates
Automatically determine who needs to be tested based upon realtime vaccine record statuses
HRIS Integration
An optional bidirectional integration with your HR system to simplify notifications, updates, and new and outgoing employees

Use Cases

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    AZOVA Video Observed Testing

    Fully automate the observation process by having dedicated AZOVA video proctors observe the testing process through the AZOVA app or website to ensure the test was completed properly and meets OSHA guidelines.

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    Vaccination Record Tracking and COVID Testing Automation

    Use both vaccination records tracking system and the COVID testing automation system to employ a comprehensive stategy to keep your employees safe. The system helps determine who needs to be tested based upon realtime vaccine record statuses.

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    Vaccination Record Tracking

    If you want to only track vaccination records, the system can be configured to only request vaccine records from your employees and will not request testing results from unvaccinated individuals.

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    COVID Testing Automation

    If you are already tracking COVID vaccination status for your employees, you can use AZOVA to both provide tests and to request and track test results using one of the two methods:

    • Employer Observed Testing
    • Testing for Employees in Multiple Locations
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    Employer Observed Testing

    To comply with self test observation requirements, you can have a dedicated person in your organization observe your other employees as they take their test and upload results.

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    Testing for Employees in Multiple Locations

    AZOVA provides solutions for large-scale organizations and can drop ship test kits throughout the nation and track results and vaccination statuses of all employees no matter where they are tested and what test they take.

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How it works

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Import your employees through a CSV, SFTP or API upload and assign benefits.

Keep track

Manage organizational health and make informed decisions as data comes in.

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An app for easy sharing

Employees can download the AZOVA app to easily update, add, and share their COVID vaccine and testing record, status, as well as use take COVID tests under video observation to meet the mandated guidelines for COVID testing.

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Very Professional

Very professional. Instructions were easy to follow. Clear. Results in 30 minutes. Documents available shortly after. On line proctor and text assistant afterward were both excellent.

- R. Johnson

Great Service & Staff

Great service and friendly staff! The observation test was quick and easy to do and the proctor on the call (Lebert) was very helpful and provided the detailed guidance.

- A. Kislitsyna

Very Fast Shipping

Very fast shipping - easy registration - easy to use - plenty of appointments available - fast results and documentation! 100%!!! Will use again.

- J. Ord

When privacy matters

AZOVA provides a proprietary HIPAA-secure, 256-bit encrypted data communication system that enables you to select how much data you want your employees to share with you. Request to view their full entered record or just their COVID vaccine or testing status.

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