Your employer has provided access to the following services to assist you during the COVID-19 pandemic

Complete Your Health Assessment and Daily Digital COVID Check-In

Submit the health assessment to your own personalized health assistant (a real person!). You can message with your assistant any time during business hours regarding COVID-19 health, testing, or other concerns. We’ll also send you a daily check in via email or text message. Please answer each question each day to complete your check in each morning before coming to work. Your assistant will reach out to you anytime it looks like you may need some help.

COVID-19 Testing

You can get COVID-19 testing as needed according to your employee benefit program. Your personal health assistant will direct you in testing procedures. Please use your employee code to receive any discounts on testing offered through your employer.

COVID Telehealth Services

When needed, you can access online healthcare services through the AZOVA Telemedicine Provider Network. Providers are available in all 50 states. Providers respond within 24 hours.