Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Please refer to the How it Works page to learn more.

How much does it cost?

Dermatology visits start at $69 for secure messaging visits. All other conditions start at $59 for secure messaging visits.

What do I get for doing this visit?

You will receive a diagnosis and treatment advice from your healthcare provider for the condition you specified. If appropriate, your provider will send a prescription directly to a PierceRx partner pharmacy of your choice.

Does the cost of the visit include the cost of the medicine?

No. This is only for the cost of the eVisit with a doctor. The cost of the medications will determined by the pharmacist and your pahrmacy benefits. You will purchase your medicationsdirectly from the pharmacy.

Who am I getting a visit with?

Board-certified physicians and nurse practitioners offer their services on AZOVA. Pharmacy visits are offered by PierceRx member pharmacists, You will select a provider licensed to practice telemedicine in the state you are currently located in on the AZOVA marketplace.

When will I have the visit?

Once you complete the health review and intake forms, your provider will reach out to you as soon as possible. This may sometimes be shortly after the you complete the registration, however it may be up to (but no longer) than 48 hours. If you have purchased a video visit, your doctor will reach out to you and schedule a time to call that suits you.

Am I booking this now or for later?

You are booking this appointment to happen with the next 48 hours, depending on your provider’s workload and schedule.

How long do these visits last?

The visits with your doctor will last between 5-15 minutes.

What exactly is an eVisit

An eVisit is a medcial appointment that is completed online, using either a smartphone, tablet, or computer to call and message with a healthcare provider.

What do I need to complete an eVisit?

You will need either a computer (with a webcam for video visits), or a smart device (phone or tablet) with the AZOVA app installed and a good internet connection.

What information from me do you need?

We will need to know the state you are currently located in, your personal details, and basic health history to create an account and to have a visit with a provider, as well as your payment and insurance information to be able to purchase a visit with a provider.

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