How It Works

Porter have partnered with AZOVA to provide COVID-19 testing services around the world that meet the requirements for your destination and to provide a pre-flight COVID test travel clearance program. Follow the steps below to get your COVID test and request travel clearance before you arrive at the gate.

Step 1: Search the Testing Requirements for Your Flight and Get Tested

Select your destination to look up the testing requirements for your flight and to determine if testing and travel clearance is required. Purchase or schedule one of AZOVA’s in-person or at-home testing options and take your test at the required time for your destination. You will receive results in your COVID Credentials Simple Health Pass within the AZOVA app which you will use to request travel clearance.

  • In-person tests are scheduled directly with a testing provider near you.
  • At-home tests are purchased online and will be delivered to your home and must be taken under video observation. Follow the instructions included to schedule your video observation visit and take your test.

All tests come with certified test results and the AZOVA Simple Health Pass.


Step 2: Request Travel Clearance 24 Hours Before Your Flight

Once your results are in, you must request travel clearance 24 hours or less before your flight. We’ll verify that your test results meet the requirements for your destination and we’ll send proof of clearance to your AZOVA Simple Health Pass. You only need to request clearance for flights in your itinerary that have travel restrictions.

To request travel clearance, you will enter in your flight details, name, and Credential ID (located in the AZOVA app).


Step 3: Get Your Travel Clearance and Share it with the Gate Agent

Once you have requested travel clearance, you will find your clearance on the home screen of your AZOVA mobile app. Download the AZOVA app before you head to the airport. Follow the steps below to locate and share your travel clearance.


Download the AZOVA app before you go to the airport


Download and sign in to the AZOVA app when you have a good WiFi or cellular data connection. We recommend you download the app before you leave to the airport if you haven’t already done so.


Locate your travel clearance at the bottom of the home page on the AZOVA app


After you sign in, your travel clearance will appear at the bottom of the home page of the AZOVA app. If you requested cleareance for your dependents, swipe right to view theirs.


Show your clearance to the gate agent when you board your flight


When it is time to board your flight, please present the clearance(s) to the gate agent if requested to do so. Have a safe trip and thanks for using AZOVA!

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Contact Us

You can chat with AZOVA’s Customer Support team for comprehensive support, including help with your account, testing, shipping, and results. We typically respond within 3 minutes or less. Click the messaging icon on the lower right corner of the page to get started.

Talk with AZOVA Customer Support

You can call the dedicated support line using the number below. Please note that wait times may vary depending on call volume.

+1 (844) 692–9682
*Travel and testing requirements are subject to change without notice. The information here is intended to help you plan for your trip and is supplementary to any information provided by government authorities. Due to the rapidly evolving information and requirements of COVID-19 testing and travel, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the displayed information or if it is up to date. It is your responsibility to understand the requirements for your destination. We recommend you regularly check back on both this website and with your destination’s official travel website to see which testing solutions, vaccinations, and health passes are permitted and what restrictions are in place before you purchase or take your test.