COVID-19 test result confirmation services for pre-travel clearance

If you did not schedule or purchase your COVID-19 test through AZOVA, you must upload your test results and get them confirmed by AZOVA before you can request travel clearance. There is a $10 fee for this service.


How it Works


Upload your lab results and your photo ID and submit them for confirmation.


The AZOVA records confirmation team will confirm your records and get them ready for travel clearance.


Once you have received notice that your records have been confirmed you can request your travel clearance.

Note: You only need a travel clearance for destinations that require a COVID test.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to get my lab results confirmed?

When you submit your report for confirmation, AZOVA will review your report and check your photo ID and demographic information and make sure that they all correlate and are legitimate. In addition, we will make it so your record can be successfully submitted for travel clearance.

Who needs to have their test results confirmed before getting a travel clearance?

If you did not schedule your COVID test through AZOVA at a participating collection site or if you did not purchase an at home COVID test with video observation through AZOVA, then you will need to have your COVID test results confirmed before you can request a travel clearance.

Why do I need to have my test results confirmed?

To expedite check-in and boarding at the airport, you must have your test results confirmed by AZOVA and then request a COVID test clearance for travel before you arrive at the gate for your flight. By doing so, you can show your travel clearance on the AZOVA app at the gate. No paper lab reports are needed. AZOVA will provide you everything you need through the AZOVA mobile app.

When should I get my lab results confirmed?

Request confirmation as soon as you get your lab results. Once you've received notification from AZOVA that your results are confirmed, then apply for your travel clearance.

Why do I need a travel clearance:

A travel clearance checks your lab results against the testing requirements for your destination before you arrive at the gate. This expedites the boarding process at the gate and eliminates the need for paper reports and automates the process. Think of it as an online check-in for your COVID test. If you do it online ahead of boarding, then you don't have to wait in line for someone to manually check it.


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*Travel and testing requirements are subject to change without notice. The information here is intended to help you plan for your trip and is supplementary to any information provided by government authorities. Due to the rapidly evolving information and requirements of COVID-19 testing and travel, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the displayed information or if it is up to date. It is your responsibility to understand the requirements for your destination. We recommend you regularly check back on both this website and with your destination’s official travel website to see which testing solutions, vaccinations, and health passes are permitted and what restrictions are in place before you purchase or take your test.