To ensure that your COVID-19 test results are compliant with requirements for your destination, you must request a and receive a travel clearance before your flight.

To request travel clearance you must have one of the following approved records available:

  • A negative test result from one of AZOVA’s COVID testing network locations or an home test kit that was taken under video observation with AZOVA and which meets the requirements for your destination


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Note: If your lab report did not come through the AZOVA network and you did not get it confirmed through AZOVA, your results will not be cleared for travel.

Why do I need a travel clearance?

A travel clearance checks your lab results against the testing requirements for your destination before you arrive at the gate. This expedites the boarding process at the gate and eliminates the need for paper reports and automates the process. Think if it as an online check-in for your COVID-19 test. If you do it online before boarding you don't have to wait in line for someone to manually check it.

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