Digital health services offered by AZOVA

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    AZOVA’s Test to Treat Program

    • This program can be branded and customized to meet your requirements
    • Link the service to your test-to-treat locator tool to help consumers get a prescription for medication with local pick up or delivery.
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    Video Proctoring Services for any COVID test and beyond

    We provide video proctoring services for nearly every Emergency Use Authorized self-administered test in America. Proctoring services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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    Vaccination Networks

    Consumers who register for and receive vaccinations through AZOVA also receive a validated and electronically shareable vaccination record.

    AZOVA networks are much more than a directory. We are a fully connected digital healthcare delivery system.

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    Pharmacy Clinical Services Networks

    AZOVA offers over 50 pharmacy clinical services modules available through our pharmacy network. We’ll help you deploy any number of clinical programs through our pharmacy network.

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    Nationwide Telehealth Services with Board Certified Providers

    • Family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, dermatology, men's health, women's health networks.
    • Our providers are available seven days a week to fill in where you need them.
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    Fully Integrated COVID Testing Networks available in ten countries

    AZOVA enables you to issue Smart Health Cards

Introducing the First Nationwide Test to Treat Telehealth Network with Pharmacist Oversight

AZOVA has recently deployed the first national COVID test-to-treat telehealth network that integrates telehealth services with pharmacist oversight for drug-drug and drug-disease interactions and full service virtual medical assistants for care coordination services.

About the Nationwide Test to Treat Telehealth Network on AZOVA

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    • Staffed by telehealth providers 9AM to 10PM EST, 7 days a week. Available in all 50 states and US territories (if requested)
    • Virtual pharmacists available
    • Patient Care Coordination team is available 24/7
    • The only test-to-treat telehealth network to include telehealth prescribers AND virtual pharmacist oversight AND virtual medical assistants for care coordination
    • Overcoming the drug-drug and drug-disease challenges in prescribing for COVID-19
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    • AZOVA works to enable timely access to Paxlovid and will assist in coordinating access to Bebtelovimab when appropriate.
    • Pharmacist oversight
      • Protocol developed by pharmacist experts in COVID-19 drug-drug and drug-disease interactions and best practices in prescribing.
      • Each patient who receives a prescription for Paxlovid receives a full drug-drug and drug/disease evaluation to enable safe prescribing. The patient’s primary care provider is involved where appropriate (i.e. dose adjustment, medication hold etc.,)
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    • Realtime Follow Up With our Care Team
    • Pharmacist oversight
      • Our virtual medical assistants will collaborate with you to make working with AZOVA’s telehealth providers fast and efficient.
      • We’ll coordinate with primary care providers to assist in medication adjustments as needed for Paxlovid.

United States Test to Treat Pharmacist Prescribing Consultation Network

AZOVA can enable our provider to provider consultation network for any prescriber to request a pharmacist medication consult before prescribing for any patient.

AZOVA can deploy any nationally or locally connected population health management program using the same connected digital health technology:

  • HIV
  • HCV
  • HBV
  • COVID test to treat
  • COVID testing
  • Vaccinations
  • Many more. You choose the area of focus and we’ll automate and digitize it for consumer access.

What Medications Are Available in the Test-to-Treat Program?

PAXLOVID and MOLNUPIRAVIR are both Emergency Use Authorized as an investigational drug used to treat mild-to-moderate COVID-19 in adults and children. We will also consider other options for treatment including scientifically backed natural vitamins and supplements as is appropriate for you.

AZOVA brings care to your patients when and where they need it.

  • Nearly 1 million visits completed
  • Over 10 million COVID tests shipped
  • Designed to bring the latest healthcare innovations to you with the most convenience
  • US-licensed healthcare providers care for you and your family
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