Testing for Fully Vaccinated Travelers (Effective May 1)

If you have been fully vaccinated and have an approved certificate of vaccination, please get tested at least 72 hours before arriving in Grenada. Vaccination Card, Travel Authorization Certificate and negative test result are required upon arrival with either a rapid PCR (results in 12-24 hours) or standard PCR test (results in 24-48 hours).

Testing for Non Vaccinated Travelers

If you are not fully vaccinated, or fail to provide proof of vaacination, you must get tested at least 72 hours before arriving in Grenada and quarantined for 7 days at an approved quarantine location and then take a standard RT-PCR test on the 5th day. You will remain in quarantine up to day 7 regardless of the test results.

How it works

STEP 1: Create you account and schedule your concierge appointment
Register and sign in to your AZOVA account. We'll ask you to enter the address and the approximate date and time that you would like your concierge to arrive and collect your sample. Unvaccinated travelers must schedule the appointment for 5 days after arrival in Grenada. Vaccinated travelers can schedule the appointment for when they arrive in Grenada.
STEP 2: Your concierge professional will come to you and collect your sample
Your concierge will arrive at your approved quarantine location time to collect the sample. Concierge professionals wear protective equipment and will maintain a safe distance,
STEP 3: Receive your results
We’ll send your results via a secure email and SMS within 6 hours for rapid PCR and 24 hours for standard PCR tests.
STEP 4: Complete forms
Once you have completed the required forms and have received clearanve from Ministry of Health officials, you may end your quarnatine and enjoy all that Grenada has to offer. Have a safe vacation and thanks for using AZOVA!

Contact Us

You can chat with AZOVA’s Customer Support team for comprehensive support, including help with your account, testing, shipping, and results. We typically respond within 3 minutes or less. Click the messaging icon on the lower right corner of the page to get started.

Talk with Customer Support

You can call the dedicated support line using the number below. Please note that wait times may vary depending on call volume.

+1 (844) 692–9682
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