About the AZOVA State Telehealth, Hospital Triage, and Pharmacy Clinical Services Grant Programs

At AZOVA we believe that every provider in America needs a streamlined, compliant and HIPAA-secure telehealth solution to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak. We believe that we can help stop the spread of the virus by empowering providers, hospitals and pharmacies with cloud-based care management systems. AZOVA has created a grant program for all state medical associations, pharmacy associations, and hospital associations. The grant program is three fold:

For State Medical Associations: AZOVA has granted a custom telehealth marketplace for each state medical association that includes a free video visit telemedicine clinic for each provider in each state. This license also includes free secure messaging and e-prescribing for the provider. In addition, each provider gets a custom web page for their own practice or business to link to their own website where patients can access the video visit clinic. AZOVA is providing all of this at NO COST to the provider and no cost to the association. AZOVA does keep a technology fee of $18 per encounter to support the platform and our staff members who are working around the clock to support this program. You can bill insurance or charge any cash rate you desire for your telemedicine services.

If your providers prefer an option that does NOT have a technology fee: AZOVA has created a specially discounted enterprise license that includes the video visit clinic for each provider's website AND an "in car check-in" clinic that enables your providers to keep their practices open during this crisis. The in car check-in is a custom web link that providers can email or text to their patients and post outside of your office door. Patients check in on their phones from their car. Your staff member is notified and can then message the patient when it is time for the patient to come in. No patients will EVER wait in your lobby with this system. This program is $50/mo/provider (regularly $199/mo). To get this offer, please have your providers enroll in your marketplace and AZOVA will send them a link to onboard to the $50 program.

For Hospitals: AZOVA has created a grant program offering a free video visit coronavirus triage and a listing in the national hospital triage directory. Patients can find a hospital near them and take an online assessment prior to coming in to your hospital. You determine if the patient should present to the hospital or can be seen online by your providers (you charge your own cash rate or bill insurance) or if they need to be seen somewhere else. Sign up is FREE. You can list as many hospitals as you want. AZOVA keeps a technology fee of $5 per patient registration to support our platform and staff members who are working around the clock to support this program.

For Pharmacy Associations: AZOVA has also created a grant program for all state pharmacy associations. Your state will receive a custom marketplace to enable patients to register for and receive coronavirus support services. Enrollment is free of charge. AZOVA charges a $4 fee per patient encounter. Patients can register online for this or any other clinical service and can communicate with your pharmacists and staff members remotely. Your pharmacies can coordinate medication delivery through the secure messaging application and communicate with the patient's doctor when needed. Patients don't have to come in to your pharmacy. The pharmacy grant program includes a FREE pharmacist eCare Plan, secure messaging, and FREE inbound prescriptions. In addition, AZOVA provides payment for many different clinical services for participating pharmacies. AZOVA provides all software associated with network clinical services free of charge. If your pharmacies would like to purchase the software for their own programs, it is available at a discounted rate through your state pharmacy marketplace.

We are unlike any of our competitors: AZOVA is a full Digital Health Platform. We are not only a video visit tool. We support all four types of eVist, office visits, house calls, chronic disease management and concierge programs. Our platform connects your entire healthcare ecosystem through secure messaging, record sharing, collaboration and care coordination. We provide eprescribing to all providers and all pharmacies free of charge. Patients can connect to any doctor, therapist or pharmacy and book appointments, secure message and share their records through the AZOVA application. AZOVA provides marketplaces that enable you to digitize and empower your own network.

How eVisits are better on AZOVA: AZOVA enables you to deploy unprecedented enterprise technology at a very low cost. You can offer video, telephone, PhotoForward(TM), secure messaging visits. You can charge cash or insurance. Offer scheduled or next available services. Use our On Demand tools for after hours services or to create your own telemedicine company. We enable any business model and any reimbursement environment with tools not only for physicians. Healthcare of the future includes the entire healthcare ecosystem; physicians, pharmacists, behavioral health, wellness, schools, payers, employers AND the patient. We connect all the dots and make it easy and fun to use while we make your patient love you for the convenience.

To get started: Each provider, pharmacy or hospital will need to add their license, DEA, NPI and malpractice (where applicable) information during the self-onboarding. Once completed, each provider, hospital or pharmacy will be automatically added to your marketplace. Go to your clinic set up to get your own branded online clinic and post it to your website. It takes 20 minutes to be up and live seeing patients.

In addition to being able to offer telehealth to patients, each provider who signs up on the marketplace will also be added to the eConsult marketplace to enable peer-to-peer consultation. AZOVA reimburses providers for this service.

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