What is the Medicine Shoppe Clinical Pharmacy Network on AZOVA?

AZOVA is a digital health network technology platform that enables Medicine Shoppe pharmacies to launch and administer many clinical pharmacy programs through the Medicine Shoppe Network. There are two urgent program opportunities right now for COVID testing and vaccinations that will generate revenue for member stores.

As a member of the Medicine Shoppe network, you will be included in the AZOVA digital clinical pharmacy services network where you can participate in paid clinical programs, contracts, and many innovative digital health care opportunities. AZOVA brings payors, employers, brands, pharma, airlines and the consumer to the network and pays you for the services you provide. The cost to join the network is only $1/month/pharmacy. This cost is covered by Cardinal for the first 36 months.

What does AZOVA provide?

When you sign up, AZOVA provides credentialing for the networks you will join, automated reimbursement for your services, and the software you need to participate in paid contracts. You will receive network access to the following software:

  • online scheduling for vaccinations and other services
  • clinical documentation
  • e-care plan
  • telehealth
  • secure messaging
  • secure record sharing
  • vaccination documentation and management with automated CVRS reporting
  • generate electronic lab reports for point of care testing
  • and more!

The best thing about the network is that you will automatically be credentialed and able to receive payment directly from AZOVA and you can directly submit claims to payers who participate in the network by simply clicking a button starting on the day you complete your sign up.


Additional Network Opportunities

COVID-19 Testing Network Contract

Medicine Shoppe Pharmacies can join the national COVID-19 testing network and receive payment for the following COVID testing services through AZOVA’s COVID testing contracts: saliva PCR testing; rapid PCR testing; rapid antigen testing; and rapid antibody testing. If you currently offer any of these tests in your pharmacy, you can sign up instantly to the network. You can also purchase AZOVA’s at home saliva kit and offer it through AZOVA’s many airline and other travel partner channels.

AZOVA has exclusive contracts with airlines, businesses and universities to provide COVID testing services through the network. You can join the network and offer FDA EUA COVID-19 tests that you already provide and have in stock or you can purchase AZOVA’s at home saliva kit and offer it through AZOVA’s many airline and other business partners. Reimbursement rates vary based upon test type and current market rates, but are usually at or near medicare rates. You can opt into each program as you wish.

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Vaxigo™, the Only Connected COVID-19 Vaccination Network

Medicine Shoppe pharmacies who join the national vaccination network will receive access to AZOVA’s vaccination management system, Vaxigo™, for network patient vaccination services. Vaxigo provides scheduling, consent management, digitized intake forms, an electronic vaccination record and a COVID travel passport for your patients. In addition, AZOVA provides an automated CVRS reporting system that will automatically send your COVID vaccination records to Cardinal for submission to the CDC when you provide vaccinations to network patients. If you would like to purchase the software for your pharmacy, you can add on an open license for an additional fee.

Patients can schedule immunizations and automatically receive and share their paperless vaccination records and schedule their follow up vaccines. As a preferred network member, AZOVA provides you with integrated scheduling and clinical documentation tools. You can choose an optional upgraded integration with immunization registries to make sure all records are up to date with real time sharing, reporting and updating of records. Join the network and get paid for your vaccination services and streamline your COVID-19 and other vaccination delivery and reporting.

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AZOVA is connecting thousands of pharmacies and pharmacists to create the largest and fastest growing COVID-19 testing and vaccination network in the nation.

You will automatically be credentialed for services offered through the network during our 30 minute onboarding webinar. This is required before you can participate in contract opportunities.

Please gather all the necessary documents and information before you begin onboarding.

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