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A program for every provider

AZOVA provides many unique direct to consumer programs offered through employers, payers, pharmacies, brands and pharma. As a member of the AZOVA Digital Provider Network, you can participate in these programs and get paid for each service you provide. Sign up to see reimbursement rates for each program and choose which programs you want to participate in. Here are some examples of our programs:

  • New patient eVisit services for every specialty and condition.
  • Followup eVisit services for every specialty and condition.
  • Migraine headache programs
  • Women's health programs
  • Men’s health programs
  • Primary Care programs
  • CherylLeeMD Skincare Specialist programs
  • Laboratory ordering programs

You will need the following information to complete your sign up:

  • State license numbers and expiration dates.
  • DEA number (if you have one) Note: we do not support e-prescribing of controlled substances.
  • NPI number.
  • Hours of availability for evisits and office visits (patients can choose to see you in the office or online). You can choose to take only on demand visits and complete them whenever you like or you can set hours of availability.
  • Your office location and office hours (indicate that you are an independent provider if you don’t have an office).
  • Your specialty and conditions that you treat.
  • Your malpractice certificate and expiration date. (You must provide your own malpractice coverage to join the AZOVA network. We may offer coverage in the near future, so please sign up and let us know you will need coverage and we’ll let you know when it's available.)
  • ACH information. We will use this to pay you each month.

Once you’ve completed your signup, we will verify your credentials and you will automatically receive training on how to use the AZOVA digital health system. You will receive a text message or an email address any time you have a new patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I make seeing patients on AZOVA?

You will be paid for each patient you see and payments range anywhere from $5 to $250 depending on the program, the complexity of the service, your specialty, and the amount of time required to provide the service. Because we are a network rather than just a telemedicine company, you get paid according to network rates. Our rates are very competitive and are comparable to rates you may make when you contract with a health plan for some services and very competitive and higher than most telehealth program reimbursement rates.

How many patients can I see?

You can choose to see as many or as few patients as you like. To increase the number of patients you see, opt into more programs.

How do I use the software to see patients on AZOVA?

You will use the supplied HIPAA-secure AZOVA software on your computer, smartphone, or tablet to complete video calls, telephone calls, and secure messaging visits with patient.

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