It’s Simple!

img STEP 1

Get Your Vaccine Record or Test Result Simple Health Pass From AZOVA.

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Participating businesses will scan it when you arrive. That's it!

What are the requirements?

To enter restaurants, movie theaters, pools and other public places on O’ahu, you must be vaccinated or have a negative COVID test taken 48 hours before entry. Each business is required to check your vaccination or test result record and to document that they have checked your records

This is all you need to do:


Get your vaccination record confirmed through AZOVA and get a free Simple Health Pass. You only need to get your record confirmed ONE TIME and it is good for as long as vaccination requirements do not change.


Get a COVID test through the AZOVA COVID testing network and get a free Simple Health Pass. You must take the test 48 hours or less before entry to the business or venue.

When you arrive at any destination or venue, they will scan or visually check your Simple Health Pass and you are good to go! You can use your Simple Health Pass anywhere on O’ahu for as long as you like.

Testing requirements:

  • If you want to enter a business or venue with a negative test result must take the test less than 48 hours before entry.
  • Employees who wish to enter must have a negative test result taken once a week.


Children under 12 and patrons who will be on the premises for only 15 minutes or less do not need a vaccination record or a negative test result to enter.