Support for the AZOVA At-Home RT-PCR Test

About the AZOVA At-Home RT-PCR Test
Purchasing and Scheduling Appointments
  • Select here at Azova or here at costco to begin and purchase.
  • Once you have selected the link, follow the steps to create your purchase order. Note: All travel destinations have a time frame in which you have to take your test. Check here to make sure you are scheduling your appointment at the correct time.
  • Please remember, do not partake in the following 30 minutes before your video observation appointment. Be aware of medications that cause dry mouth as they will make it difficult to produce a sufficient sample.
    No eating or drinking(including water)
    No brushing teeth
    No smoking or vaping
    No chewing gum or mints

All Shipping times are in reference to Mountain Standard Time. All 9pm references are according to UPS standards and each time zone where they service.

  • AZOVA At-Home RT-PCR Test
    • Results will be sent via email 12–36 hours after your package is delivered to the lab for testing. Results are sent to the email attached to the account holder. Dependent results will be sent to the same email as the account holder.
Refunds and Returns
  • All COVID-19 tests and test kits purchased through AZOVA are NON RETURNABLE and the sale is considered final
  • Any recalls will be handled in the manner in which the manufacturer of the test kit has determined to be the proper course of action based on the specific situation
  • All provider administered appointments will be handled on a case by case basis
  • Shipments affected due to weather delays are deemed inadmissible for refunds. AZOVA does not take responsibility for weather or shipping company delays
General Questions
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AZOVA testing services are subject to the terms and conditions of each individual purchase. Delta is not responsible for fulfillment, goods or services offered by AZOVA and does not receive customer information or any test results from AZOVA.