Support for the InteliSwab

About the InteliSwab
Purchasing and Scheduling Appointments
  • Select the following link to begin and purchase: Link
  • Once you have selected the link then follow the steps to create your purchase order. Prenetics will send you a voucher code via email and then you will register that code here to create and schedule your Video observation. Note: All travel destinations have a time frame in which you have to take your test. Check here to make sure you are scheduling your appointment at the correct time.
  • After you complete scheduling the appointment then check your email for instructions on preparing and making the video observation with our proctor from Azova.
  • Please remember to wash your hands and don’t drink any fizzy orange drinks before you make your Video observation call.

All times are in reference to Mountain Standard Time. All 9pm references are according to UPS standards and each time zone where they service.

  • Results will be sent via your email that was used to create your account through here. Results are sent to the email attached to the account holder. Dependent results will be sent to the same email as the account holder.
General Questions
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AZOVA testing services are subject to the terms and conditions of each individual purchase. Delta is not responsible for fulfillment, goods or services offered by AZOVA and does not receive customer information or any test results from AZOVA.