Modules for everyone.

We are the HIPAA-secure middleware for communication, collaboration and record sharing between EHRs, Pharmacy Management Systems, patients, their providers and the entire care team. Browse AZOVA’s modules to learn what you can offer through the Digital Health Marketplace or from your own website.

It’s modular.

Use what you need and connect to your Digital Health Ecosystem. AZOVA’s modules are available through your marketplace license or through a custom enterprise program.

Choose what tools you want to use, what services you want to offer and launch your Digital Practice. No footprint. No rent. You can even run your own Digital Practice without any employees if you’d like. Think about that for a minute.


AZOVA is the only Digital Health Platform with patent-pending marketplace technology. AZOVA’s marketplace technology is built to enable you to deploy your own providers through your own marketplaces. Each marketplace can be branded to a payer, self-insured employer, or a brand. Target a particular disease state or offer a comprehensive employee benefits program that is branded to a specific payer.

We provide a turn-key solution with automated onboarding, provider network management, credentialing tools, and even manage your clinical programs. We offer provider onboarding assistance, technology utilization coaching and management, patient user experience coaches, and more.

Data Collection Across Your Population

AZOVA’s marketplace technology is designed for population health management and optimization. Do you want to collect patient reported outcomes? With AZOVA’s marketplace technology, you can design your program to collect patient or condition-specific information. Now you can collect data and provide feedback to your providers to optimize patient outcomes, to manage a clinical trial, optimize efficiency and ROI, and more.

Secure Messaging

Designed to connect the entire healthcare ecosystem, with secure messaging can you can invite and connect to unlimited numbers of colleagues free of charge. Once connected, you can secure message, share records, electronically prescribe (or receive prescriptions) and co-manage patients together. View the different ways you can implement AZOVA Secure Messaging in your practice.


The most workflow-friendly secure messaging tool built for the enterprise. Utilize groups, tasks, roles, and statuses to connect with patients, staff, and providers bot inside and outside of your organization.

Web Assistant and Messaging Widgets

Engage your patients from your website to an unlimited number of locations. Connect them with your staff members with staff role provisioning and triage. No more phone calls. No more patients leaving your practice because of your phone tree.


Need to ask a pharmacist a question? Want to refer a patient to a colleague and get some follow up? No problem. AZOVA is designed to extend your EHR outside of your business while enabling you to communicate with anyone you need to-when you need to.

Telehealth for doctors, therapists, pharmacists, and others.

The only flexible telemedicine framework built to accommodate ever-changing state-by-state regulations, reimbursement models, and your business model. You can offer video visits, telephone visits, PhotoForward(TM) visits, or secure messaging visits. Offer cash or insurance. Start out with non-scheduled eVisits and convert to scheduled visits as you build up demand.

AZOVA’s enterprise tools enable you to route your eVisits to a provider, a call center or a triage staff. Manage a single location or a world-wide operation. With AZOVA, you can deploy any Digital Health program and target any patient population and any disease state. Use our web or native mobile applications.

Each visit is configurable for each use case and patient population. Infinitely configurable intake forms allow you to collect condition-specific information making each visit most efficient for your providers. Integrated coding and billing are available to allow you to deploy a turn-key operation in hours to days.

Use AZOVA to deploy program-specific patient reported outcomes and adherence programs and watch your quality and satisfactions rates rise. AZOVA can be used out of the box without any integrations or can be integrated directly to your EHR or your pharmacy management system.

AZOVA is simple to use for the patient, the provider, and your operations team. If you know how to log in to your email, you can use AZOVA with ease. No SDKs and no engineering required.


At the heart of our HIPAA-secure messaging is PhotoForward®. Share and receive photo and text based appointments.


AZOVA has a built in video calling engine that allows you to have face-to-face appointments with patients anywhere any time, and on any device.


Use AZOVA to schedule your telephone visits. Telephone calls can be completed on any landline or cellphone.


AZOVA’s telehealth modules enable true flexibility. Move your scheduled or next soonest available post-op visits online and open up appointment slots for revenue-generating encounters.

After Hours eVisit

After Hours eVisit Answering Service eliminates the cost of your answering service and replaces it with an after hours solution that pays you money.

Second Opinions

Use AZOVA’s second opinion module to offer your own second opinion services online. Share, receive, and collaborate all on the AZOVA app.

Office visits with online patient acquisition.

Use our patient registration module and remove 80% of healthcare friction. When patients book with you through AZOVA, they schedule, consent to your policies, pay, provide insurance information and complete your intake forms before they come in. And they never have to call you office. Not once. No more check-in frustration. Save on staff time by automating the entire visit up to the actual patient encounter with your providers.

Integrated reminders and secure messaging for appointment related questions make happy patients that choose your business over the competition.


Not sure what you need? Join the marketplace and you can select any service that fits your business model

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Electronic prescribing with Secure MessageRx™

Developed by healthcare providers and pharmacists to close the communication gap, optimize adherence, and coordinate delivery. When you prescribe through AZOVA, you and your staff can communicate with the pharmacist and the patient to make any changes as needed. This is a truly disruptive concept that your patients will love.

AZOVA’s integrated video calling enables anywhere, any time medication counseling.

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The Collaboration Suite

AZOVA has the most robust Clinical Collaboration framework to enable community-wide care coordination, including:

Collaborative Charting

A HIPAA-secure patient chart that enables you to connect the doctors, the pharmacist, the therapist the emergency room and the patient (if desired) to enable real time insight to the patient’s medical records, medication list and orders. Include who you want when you want.

Get A Consult

Deploy your own network of consultants enabling other providers to request asynchronous and live interactive consultations from your network.

For accountable care organizations, payers, emergency rooms and hospital systems. Get a Consult opens access to your specialist provider network. You can expedite care, get a second opinion, and educate primary care providers on how to best manage their own patients in the most affordable way possible.

Quick Referrals

Close the loop with digital referrals. Include the patient and the consulting provider along with records and photos. Get real time feedback and the care your patient needs from the right provider in your network.

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Vaxigo Digital Vaccination Management.

We make vaccinations paperless (and almost painless).You spend on average $6.25 to manage each piece of paper in your office. Double your profitability when you go paperless with Vaxigo. You can use Vaxigo in the following ways:

Website vaccine registration

Your online vaccination registration system enables scheduled and walk-in registration.

On site mass immunization events

Manage an entire event with no paper from your cell phone. Invite employees or students to your event. Attendees register online. All you do is immunize.

Digital vaccination record sharing

Your patient gets a digital, shareable, and connected vaccination record.

Memberships, Concierge Medicine, and Direct Primary Care

AZOVA is the only Digital Health Platform that ties your membership program directly to your clinical service benefits. Create any concierge and DPC member benefit and digitize it. Your patients can now access any service you want them to have access to.



Connect your central pharmacy to any number of rural locations to manage your hub and spoke operations. Fully integrated video calling, medication approval and communication make AZOVA’s telepharmacy module the easiest to use on the market.

Your remote pharmacy technician easily transmits photos and information for remote verification. Integrated messaging and prescription status management enable automated approval and rapid script fill. With our no footprint telepharmacy module, you can use a smart phone, tablet or computer to transmit prescription information and for patient counseling.

Order verification, medication inspection and staff consultation are seamlessly inegrated into the workflow-friendly process. You can even notify, share records or communicate with prescribers through the same application.

Pharmacogenomics and genetic testing

AZOVA partners with pharmacogenomics and genetic testing laboratories to enable you to offer their tests from your website or through the Marketplace.

Chronic Care Management

AZOVA’s Chronic Care Management module is designed to enable the management of an unlimited number of patients. Manage your own patients or contract with other providers to manage theirs.

Transition of Care

AZOVA’s innovative transitional programs enable teams to manage any patient population across any geographic and technical divide.


Chronic Disease Management, Population Health, and Accountable Care Organizations

AZOVA is designed with modern reimbursement models in mind.


Diabetes Education

AZOVA’s Diabetes Education program enables you to build your provider referral base while you engage unlimited numbers of patients and seamlessly submit claims and bill for your services.

Smoking Cessation

Launch your own online smoking cessation program. Use AZOVA to conduct outcome surveys to keep track of your patients’ progress. Securely message with your patients to encourage them and keep them on track.

Point of Care Testing

Offer any test online. Patients find and book your services from your website or from the marketplace. You set your prices, collect up front or bill to insurance. Share patient records with any other provider and your patients can get a prescription right from your own telemedicine provider network.

Nutrition / Weight Loss

Want to offer nutritional coaching or a weight loss program? AZOVA’s platform is all you need to create a direct to consumer, digital weight loss program right from your website or the AZOVA Marketplace.

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