Provide Real Time Access to Telehealth for Each Positive Test

How it Works

Brand Your Website

The test-to-treat system is branded to you. You can integrate the service within your mobile app or send a link to each patient who tests positive. All patient funnels recycle to your web assets.

Online Consultation

Your patients who test positive for SARS-CoV-2 and are symptomatic can get an online consult and a prescription for Paxlovid or any other prescriber recommended treatment for COVID-19. Prescribers are available seven days a week 9AM to 10PM EST.

Receive Prescription and Orders

Each patient chart is reviewed by a pharmacist for potential drug-drug interaction prior to telehealth provider review.

End-to-End Services

The telehealth provider completes each patient encounter.

Easy Coordination

AZOVA’s virtual medical assistants coordinate prescriptions and communicate with the patient’s primary care provider as needed.

How You Benefit


Consumer Experience

We’re experts in digital consumer experience. When you partner with AZOVA to provide digital health services along with your tests, we’ll create the consumer love by delivering first rate service. Just sit back and watch it happen.


New Patients

We’ll help patients discover your brand by enabling you to offer an end-to-end service to your customers. Your customers stay connected to you long term.


Increased Revenue

New customers equals new revenue. You know as we do that the total lifetime value of a new customer is significant. We charge nothing to create and manage your test to treat program. We complete the circle of care and close the loop.

The only test to treat telehealth program to combine the expertise of prescribers, pharmacists, and virtual medical assistants to deliver a premium patient experience.

Telehealth Visit with a Provider Online

  • Online visits are via video or secure messaging based upon patient condition and requirements in each state.
  • We collect medical history and a copy of positive lab report. Our providers can prescribe Paxlovid or other standard medications and natural remedies.

Medication Review for Drug-Drug Interactions

  • If the patient is prescribed Paxlovid, medications are reviewed for potential drug-drug and drug-disease interactions.
  • The patient chooses your pharmacy as the preferred pharmacy. If appropriate, the patient receives a prescription sent to your pharmacy.

Realtime Follow Up With our Care Team

  • Our virtual medical assistants will collaborate with you to make working with AZOVA’s telehealth providers fast and efficient.
  • We’ll coordinate with primary care providers to assist in medication adjustments as needed for Paxlovid.

What Medications Are Available in the Test-to-Treat Program?

PAXLOVID and MOLNUPIRAVIR are both Emergency Use Authorized as an investigational drug used to treat mild-to-moderate COVID-19 in adults and children. We will also consider other options for treatment including scientifically backed natural vitamins and supplements as is appropriate for you.


AZOVA brings care to your patients when and where they need it.

  • Nearly 1 million visits completed
  • Over 10 million COVID tests shipped
  • Designed to bring the latest healthcare innovations to you with the most convenience
  • US-licensed healthcare providers care for you and your family
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Information presented here is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition and is provided for educational purposes only. Always consult with your healthcare provider before making any healthcare decisions.

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