How it works :
STEP 1 - Determine if you qualify for travel clearance
  • To qualify for a travel clearance, follow the guidelines here for symptomatic or asymptomatic testing. If you were symptomatic when you took your viral test, we will provide a travel clearance beginning no sooner than 11 days from the onset of symptoms AND no less than six days after you tested positive.
  • If you were and continue to be asymptomatic when you tested positive, we will provide a travel clearance for travel no less than eight days from the day you tested positive.
STEP 2 - Complete a travel clearance registration and upload your verifiable lab report
A verifiable lab report is a lab report for an RT-PCR, LAMP or Rapid antigen test that is authorized for use in the country where it was purchased or administered. The test must have been administered by a healthcare provider or it can be self-administered IF taken under video observation with AZOVA’s video proctoring service. Your lab report must include your first name, last name, date of birth, name and type of the test, the test result and the administering provider or facility name and laboratory or test kit manufacturer name OR you can upload a lab report provided by AZOVA’s video proctoring service.
STEP 3 - If you meet the requirements, you will receive a travel clearance in 24 hours or less
  • Your registration and lab report will be reviewed and, if you meet the requirements for a travel clearance, you will receive a travel clearance PDF document signed by an independent telehealth provider.
  • IF you are requesting a travel clearance for a dependent, first create the account in your name and then add your dependent on the screen that asks who the patient is.
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