Need to add the mandatory Day 2 & Day 8 Test kits?

On arrival to the UK from an Amber country, you must quarantine at home or where you are staying for 10 days. You must take an RT-PCR COVID-19 test on or before Day 2 and on Day 8 (the day you arrive is considered day 0). Take each test and drop in the Royal Mail in the UK. Kits come with a prepaid return shipping label addressed to our lab partner in the UK. Follow these rules even if you have been vaccinated. Our test satisfies the UK’s private testing provider requirement.


Includes Two Test Kits

About the Day 2 and Day 8 Real-Time qPCR tests

For travelers arriving from ‘Amber countries’.

We will send a lab order reference code to your email. Add this code to your passenger locator form registration. The codes begin with DANTZ.

  • Order your tests and we’ll ship a Day 2 and a Day 8 kit to you before your trip.
  • Take your kit with you and perform your test on Day 2 and on Day 8 of your quarantine.
  • The Day 8 test is still required even if you take an optional Day 5 Test-to-Release test.
  • Drop your sample at the nearest Royal Mail Priority Post box for 24 hour delivery.
  • Results are available 12 to 24 hours after the lab receives your sample.
  • 98% sensitivity, 100% specificity and 98.8% accuracy
  • UK Government approved provider for mandatory Day 2 & Day 8 arrival tests
  • CE marked assay approved by Public Health England

We provide an inclusive Royal Mail 24 tracked next-day testing service. You simply activate your kit online, return the sample to the Lab via inclusive Royal Mail 24 service in the UK and get the result.

What you need to know about shipping your PCR test kit to the laboratory

All UK PCR test kits come with a prepaid, tracked, 24 hour delivery Royal Mail Shipping label. You must post your kit only at a Royal Mail Priority Post box or your kit will not be delivered.

Royal Mail does not pick up or deliver on Sundays or on bank and public holidays. Please check here to see which holidays are observed and do not take your test or ship your kit on a holiday. If you do drop your mail on a holiday, your package will not be picked up until the following business day and delivery will be delayed. The laboratory is open and processing on Sundays. AZOVA does not take responsibility for delays or problems related to the Royal Mail delivery service.

Drop off at Post Box* Arrives at Lab Expected Results
Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Wednesday Thursday Friday
Thursday Friday Saturday
Friday Saturday Saturday / Sunday
Saturday before 9 am Monday Tuesday
Saturday after 9 am Tuesday Wednesday

*You must drop off your kit before the pick up time that day in order for it to be delivered the next day.

If Day 2 falls on a Sunday, take your test on a Saturday and drop it in the Royal Mail before cutoff time.

If Day 8 falls on a Sunday, take the test on Sunday and drop it in the Royal Mail on Monday before cutoff time for 24 hour delivery.