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Americas and the Caribbean

Find the right Concierge COVID-19 test for your trip

Search our destinations below to see the testing requirements for your destination and schedule your test.

Why choose Concierge Testing?

  • Best for travelers who must have a test that is administered by a healthcare provider.
  • We’ll send a concierge testing provider right to your home, office or hotel to administer your test.
  • Choose from our concierge testing services: Rapid PCR, RT-PCR, and Antigen testing.
Get Concierge Testing

How it works

Choose the sample collection type that meets the testing requirements for your travel destination. Be sure to research the testing requirements for your travel destination and order your concierge testing service at least three days in advance to ensure availability.
Complete the pre-screening questions and register online to get a prescription. We’ll send the prescription to the lab for you and ship the kit via next day air (where available) right to your home or office.
We’ll ask you to enter the address and the approximate date and time where you would like your concierge to arrive and provide sample collection services. Collection services are not available after 12 PM on Saturday or any time on Sunday.
The concierge will arrive at your home or office at the pre-arranged time to collect the sample. Concierge providers are tested regularly, wear protective equipment, and will maintain a safe distance.
Your concierge will drop off your sample at the local UPS store before the cutoff time for next-day air delivery.
We’ll send your results via a secure email and SMS within 12–48 hours from the time your sample arrives at the lab. 99% of test results are available within 36 hours from the time the lab receives your sample.
Complete any travel authorization forms as required by your destination and provide it to the airline before you board your flight. Have a safe trip and thanks for using AZOVA!
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