Share your digital vaccine record once it is verified (currently for Utah residents only)

Once you’ve completed the registration, AZOVA will manage your request and will attempt to locate and verify your record for you. If your record is available, we’ll retreive your COVID vaccine records along with all of the vaccine records available from the government database. If we are unable to locate and verify your record, you will receive a full refund.

Once your record is verified, we will create your COVID Credential Simple Health Pass. Download the AZOVA app or log in to your account on a computer to access your pass and to share your Credential ID. In addition, you will have access to your entire* digital vaccination record through Vaxigo, AZOVA’s interoperable vaccine record system. You can securely share with anyone you want. Learn more about Vaxigo here.

*The full vaccine record is available only to Utah residents who received their COVID vaccines in Utah. Only the vaccine records shared with the immunization registry will appear in your Vaxigo record. Not all healthcare providers report vaccinations to the immunization registry.