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Glipizide ER
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We are on a mission to drive down drug costs for you.

Free Acute Medications
Free Acute Medications
For immediate needs, you can use your prescription card to get up to a 21-day supply of FREE medications at 64,000 retail pharmacies.
Free Maintenance Medications
Free Maintenance Medications
Maintenance medications are shipped directly to your employee’s home every 3 months. 
Over-the-Counter Medications
Over-the-Counter Medications
Members receive discounts on the most common over-the-counter medications, saving them money on the medications that they use everyday.
Savings on Diabetes Care
Savings on Diabetes Care
Members with Diabetes save even more when they get a FREE glucose meter, insulin for only $19.99, test strips for $3.50, low cost lancets and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The AZOVA Medication Membership is a simple monthly or yearly membership program that enables you to sign up and then start filling any of your prescriptions that are included in the membership free of charge. You can see all the medications that are included here. Chronic medications are filled with a 90 days supply and are automatically shipped to your door anywhere in the United States. Acute medications (if you need only a short supply up to 21 days) can be picked up at any pharmacy in America for FREE.

We offer two different payment options. The annual plan is $20/month paid annually. The monthly plan is $24/month paid monthly.

Yep. If you don't get a benefit from your membership, you can cancel it any time. If you cancel in the middle of a billing cycle, you will continue to have the membership for the remainder of the cycle and then any future charges will be canceled.

You pay NOTHING for any of your medications that are included in the membership. You can see the full list of medications here. If you do not see your medication here, that means it is not available through this membership. We also offer low cost over the counter medications and insulin for only $19.99 heart eyes Amazing. We know. blush

All chronic medications (these are your long term medications) are shipped to your home once every 90 days. Any acute medications (ex. if you needed antibiotics) can be picked up at any pharmacy in America. Acute medications that are included in the membership include up to a 21 days supply.

If you need a medication acutely, you can ask your doctor to send your prescription to any pharmacy in America. Acute medications are medications that you only need for a short time, like a course of antibiotics. The medication membership includes up to a 21 days supply of these medications.

Our partner pharmacy is pretty great and making direct contracts with generic drug manufacturers to get the lowest costs direct to you. This means there are no crazy rebates, crazy prices, or funny games. clown face Generic medications are actually really cheap so why should you pay funny money prices for them?

Our partner pharmacy is called America's Pharmacy Source. This is where your doctor sends your prescriptions to. Once you finish setting up your membership, you can have all your doctors send your prescriptions to America's Pharmacy Source or the pharmacy can request a transfer for you.

Yes. Any of your providers can send your prescriptions to our partner pharmacy, America's Pharmacy Source. Your medications can be shipped to any of the fifty United States.

Once you have signed up for your membership, our partner pharmacy, America's Pharmacy Source will contact you to verify your account and then your doctors can start sending your prescriptions right away. Tell your doctors to always write for a 90 days supply for chronic medications or no more than a 21 days supply for acute medications.

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