Individual student, patient or employee registers through your branded microsite hosted on your website.
How it Works

You'll receive your own student management suite where you can manage thousands of lives from a single dashboard.

  • Electronically enroll all your students and deploy digital COVID assessments to each student (or parent).
  • See who is symptomatic, who has a fever or who has been exposed and manage quarantine procedures for your organization.
  • Securely communicate with students and faculty who may have been exposed when any one student is symptomatic or infected.
The only complete solution

We are your turn-key solution for fully vetted, EUA-approved COVID-19 testing and health management services. Our network of expert physicians, pharmacists and medical assistants provide the best care possible to get your students safely back to school.

Daily Digital Check In

Daily comprehensive digital check in for monitoring student health in real time with optional quarantine and event management.

Personal Health Assistant

You can manage your own population or delegate management to AZOVA's algorithm-driven personal health assistants.

COVID 19 Testing

At home, on site, or in pharmacy testing provided by our national network of pharmacy partners across the nation.

COVID Telehealth Services

Longitudinal COVID-19 management with access to our national COVID-19 Telemedicine Services provider network.

AZOVA is an authorized and exclusive distributor of the ONLY FDA authorized, self-administered saliva COVID-19 PCR test.

AZOVA follows the most up to date patient care algorithms. We work only with top laboratories in the United States who have earned EUA certifications for COVID testing.

We also provide electronically validated COVID CREDENTIALS™

A confidential and shareable COVID testing and immunity status tracking system for your students. Each tested student receives patent-pending electronic COVID Credentials™ from AZOVA. If proof of test status or immunity is needed, your student can share COVID Credentials with those who need access. Optional medical directorship is available to help your organization determine your COVID testing frequency and management policies.

Diagnostic Tests

When a student may be infected, may have been exposed, or is concerned about being infected, we will coordinate testing and results reporting. Your students can securely share their results and COVID Credentials with you. You can manage your entire student population from a single dashboard.

Antibody Tests

Anitbody testing is optional. These tests are used to determine if a student has developed antibodies against COVID-19. We will provide screening antibody testing to determine which students have antibodies at baseline and post-infectious antibody testing before an infected student goes back to school.

We Coordinate All the Details
  • Online registration for your students to receive testing at home, on site or at any of our participating pharmacies.
  • Students register from their cell phone or computer.
  • Manage eligibility.
  • Submit all lab orders to the lab.
  • Lab results are texted and emailed to your patient and the ordering provider automatically.
  • New students can access the service same day.
  • Ongoing testing protocols are followed for the long-term management of infected and non-infected students.
  • Quarantine and event management systems help ensure students take the adequate quarantine protocol in the event of a positive test of one’s self or others.
Telemedicine Services for COVID Management

Care for general illness and COVID-related management is available in all 50 states when your students need it. AZOVA provides online access to local healthcare providers right from your school website. There is no need to leave school or leave home to get the care your students need.