Curbside Check-In

$16 / mo paid annually. $75 implementation fee.

Add a link to your website that allows patients to check in from their cars using the AZOVA app. AZOVA collects and transmits patient insurance and credit card information and collects orders for OTC products and coordinates curbside delivery. Your pharmacy never touches a card, phone, tablet or receipt. This plan requires a merchant account to collect and process patient payments.

How it Works
  • You place a link for your curbside check in on your website. Email or text this link to your patients and also provide a printed sign outside your store with the link for patients to check in from their cars. Patients then register on their phones from their cars. The patient shares their insurance, credit card information, and which medications that they want to pick up.
  • In addition, AZOVA prompts the patient to order and purchase OTC products from their car.
  • AZOVA tells the patient that you will call them to collect payment once their prescription is ready.
  • Your pharmacy is notified via email, text and/or push notifications when the patient checks in and sends all the above information to your pharmacy.
  • Submit a claim for prescription medications as you normally do.
  • Call the patient on the phone. Confirm the balance due with the patient and charge the patient’s card.
  • Deliver the medications and OTC products to the patient’s car. No paper, no credit cards, no cell phones and no tablet devices are exchanged minimizing risks for contact and contamination
How Much Does it Cost

Curbside Check-In costs $16/mo per store, paid annually. There is a one-time $75 implementation fee at the time of purchase for a member of AZOVA Support will help you set up your account time of purchase to cover the cost of our member support team in assisting you in the set up of your curbside check in.

How Does Curbside Check-In Help

The benefits of Curbside Check-In include:

  • Happy patients who love the convenience of curbside check in and curbside delivery.
  • Happy patients who can no communicate with your pharmacy staff through secure messaging.
  • An efficient check out process with no waiting in lines for patients.
  • Fewer phone calls to staff allows for more productive staff time.
  • Increased product sales with orders and prompts for patient to purchase OTC products.
  • Fast and safe payments (requires a merchant account).
  • A healthier workforce with less patient contact.
Also Includes

Curbside Check-In also brings these additional features to your pharmacy:

  • Video calling—you can provide medication counseling over video chat while patients stay in their cars or offer video medication counseling through your delivery drivers.
  • Receive prescriptions through the Secure MessageRx eprescribing network at no cost.
  • A free listing in the pharmacy clinical services network marketplace where patients can find you and where prescribers can refer patients to you.
  • Opportunities to participate in many paid clinical services programs.
How Do I Sign Up?

You can sign up right here:


The services you offer you will be set up in about 20 minutes. You will be asked to add information about your pharmacy and the services your offer so we can create an enhanced listing in our pharmacy network for you. This way patients can find and book your clinical services and prescribers can refer patients to you.

How Do I Use The System?
  • You will receive a text or email every time a patient checks in.
  • Sign in to the AZOVA app or website. You can choose to remained logged in.
  • Submit claims as you normally do. Once you have received the adjudication, call the patient on the phone.
  • Add products in the patient’s curbside delivery order and notify the patient of the total amount due.
  • You charge the patient’s card and deliver the medications and products right to their car.
  • No contact leads to a much lower risk of contamination and infection for yourself and staff members.
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