Configurable pharmacy solutions.

All products include video calling, secure messaging, pharmacy-based e-prescribing, free inbound prescriptions and the interoperable Basic Pharmacy eCare Plan. Also includes membership in the AZOVA pharmacy clinical services networks. We drive paid clinical service programs to your pharmacy. We offer the following 4 plans and 1 add-on to get your pharmacy’s telemedicine started in just minutes. Medical billing and credentialing services are available as an add on service.

1. Digital Pharmacy Clinical Services Network + Coronavirus Telemedicine

$1 / mo paid annually.

Join the national Digital Pharmacy Clinical Services Network and COVID management program. Get a COVID telemedicine assessment program, a listing in the pharmacy network and a link for your patients to access your COVID telemedicine services from your website.

Get the network and COVID Program

2. Curbside Check-In

$16 / mo paid annually. $75 implementation fee.

In addition to the first plan, add a link to your website that allows patients to check in from their cars using their phones. AZOVA collects and transmits patient insurance and credit card information and collects orders for OTC products and coordinates curbside delivery. Your pharmacy never touches a card, phone, tablet or receipt. This plan requires a merchant account to collect and process patient payments.

Watch a demo video > Learn more >

3. Medication Counseling Telemedicine Clinic

$29 / mo paid annually. $150 implementation fee.

In addition to the second plan, you can offer medication counseling services right from your website. Patients can schedule or self-register online and pay your cash rate. AZOVA will collect and transmit the patient’s medication and medical history directly to you. You can complete video visits or telephone medication counseling from each store or from a centralized call center. Complete an unlimited number of visits. You can also offer your medication counseling services to any physician practice by sharing your online clinic to each practice website.

Get medication counseling

4. The Full Pharmacy Healthcare Clinic

$99 / mo paid annually. $425 implementation fee.

In addition to the third plan, get the only set of condition-specific eCare Plan modules on the market. Offer expanded eVisits and in pharmacy services including but not limited to:

  • Diabetes Education
  • Point-of-Care Testing
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Naltrexone Dispensing
  • Asthma Education
  • Pharmacogenomics Consulting
  • Opioid Management
  • Hypertension Medication Optimization
  • Vaccinations
  • Birth Control Counseling and Dispensing
  • Travel Medicine
  • Men and Women Hormone Consulting
Get full pharmacy clinic Currently includes a special for COVID-19 testing

5. Web Assistant Add On

$79 / mo paid annually. $75 implementation fee.

In addition to being a highly useful tool for your pharmacy engagement, the Web Assistant add on is the most affordable way to add additional pharmacists and staff members to your license. Purchasing the Web Assistant adds one pharmacist and three staff members to your license. You can use the Web Assistant for the following services:

  • Web-chat triage for your website
  • Patients can choose any location and web chat with any staff member from any location
  • Refill and transfer prescription requests
  • Answer patients questions about prior authorizations, billing and more

By managing the chat at each pharmacy or call center, you can eliminate up to 50% of your patient phone calls by moving them to secure messaging,

Video calling minutes are billed at $.03/minute. SMS notifications are billed at $.02/SMS. This is for notifications ONLY. You can turn them on or off. Secure messaging is FREE of charge. Your license includes a listing in the AZOVA pharmacy clinical services network marketplaces. When a patient is referred to you through the marketplace, a $4 technology fee is charged. NO FEES are charged when patients register from your own website.

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