Get COVID-19 Testing for Barbados Travel

All guests must share their results and request travel clearance from Porter before flying

How to request clearance before your flight

Porter have partnered with AZOVA to provide COVID-19 testing services that meet the requirements for your destination and to provide a pre-flight COVID test travel clearance program. Follow the steps to get your COVID test and request a travel clearance before you arrive at the gate.


Get tested with an in-person or at-home test on AZOVA


Purchase or schedule one of AZOVA’s in-person or at-home testing options and take your test at the required time for your destination. You will receive results in your COVID Credentials Simple Health Pass within the AZOVA app which you will use to request travel clearance.


Request travel clearance before your flight and download the AZOVA app


After your results are in, click Request Clearance and follow the steps to enter in your flight number, name, and Credential ID to link your test results. Your travel clearance will appear at the bottom of the home page of the AZOVA app. Please download the app before your trip.


Show your clearance to the gate agent when you board your flight


When it is time to board your flight, please have the AZOVA app open to present the travel clearance to the gate agent. If you are flying with children or dependents, you will need to show the travel clearance for each person. Have a safe trip and thanks for using AZOVA!

Request Clearance
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