Four Seasons COVID Testing Solutions with AZOVA

We’ve partnered with AZOVA to provide authorized COVID PCR testing for your trip to Hawaii and your stay at Four Seasons Resorts. AZOVA offers a simple at home saliva test and a shareable COVID Credentials™ travel passport so you can simply and securely share your results.

STEP 1 Order your at home saliva PCR test kits from or pick up your kits from select Costco pharmacy locations. Order 1 to 2 weeks before your trip so you have your kits ready in time to be tested before your trip. All guests age 5 and older must have a negative test result to travel to Hawaii.
STEP 2 Schedule a video observation call at and take your COVID test and register your kit ID while you are on the video call. The time you take the test will be recorded on your lab report and must be 72 hours or less before departure on the final leg of your flight.
STEP 3 Ship you sample back to the lab with UPS. Be sure to drop it off at a UPS store (not a drop box) before the cutoff time for next day air. UPS does not pick up or deliver on Sunday so plan accordingly. Be sure to review the recommended testing timelines below.
STEP 4 You’ll receive your results via an email and SMS link on AZOVA in 12-48 hours from the time the lab receives your kit. Upload your results to the Hawaii safe travels site as instructed by the state of Hawaii. When you are tested through AZOVA, your lab results will also be added to your shareable COVID Credentials travel passport.

When to take your test for travel to Hawaii

Review the following timeline carefully to ensure you get your results in time.

Take your test and drop off at UPS before cutoff on MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT SUN
Lab receives test on TUE WED THU FRI SAT MON TUE
Results available between TUE – THU WED – FRI THU – SAT FRI – SAT SAT – MON MON – WED TUE – THU
Day of departure to Hawaii THU FRI SAT SUN MON TUE WED
  • Do not take your test or drop off your kit on Sunday. UPS does not pick-up or ship on Sunday.
  • This test is not recommended for Tuesday or Wednesday travel due to weekend shipping limitations.
  • It is your responsibility to determine the cutoff time and to get your test kit to the UPS store on time. If you miss the UPS cut-off time for next day air delivery, the lab may not receive your test kit in time for travel.
  • For drop off, please only use UPS Store locations. Do not drop off your sample at a pharmacy or convenience store even if it has a UPS drop-off option. Delivery times will be delayed.
  • Be aware of how the departure time and timezone of your flight may affect your ability to get your test to UPS in time. If you have a later departure and miss the UPS cutoff time, your sample will be delayed getting to the lab.

*UPS does not pick up or deliver on Sundays, therefore we do not recommend this test for Tuesday and Wednesday departures.

Get a COVID 19 Saliva PCR test Kit shipped to your home or pick up from Participating Costco Pharmacies

COVID-19 Saliva RT-PCR test is easy, painless, and highly accurate and is approved for entrance to Four Seasons Resorts and Hotels, as well as for travel to Bermuda and Hawaii. Get results in 12-48 hours after the lab receives your test kit. Your test results will automatically be added to your COVID Credentials, your shareable COVID-19 passport.


ADDED BONUS: Get a free COVID Credentials™ Travel passport when you get tested through AZOVA.

Now you have a simple way to securely share your COVID-19 test results and proof of immunization for travel, work or school. We’ll create your COVID Credentials dynamically any time you are tested through the AZOVA COVID testing network or when you receive a COVID vaccine from the AZOVA vaccination network. If you are tested with any other testing partner, simply upload your results and share them with anyone you like.

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