AZOVA's Concierge COVID Testing Services in Mexico Will Now Come to You!

Fast, Convenient, In-Person COVID Testing At Your Hotel or Office

Concierge Rapid Antigen starts from $69 USD + VAT Concierge RT/PCR starts from $149 USD + VAT

In-person Concierge COVID testing services are currently available anywhere within 30 mile (48 kilometer) radius of the following cities.

Choose a city below and register for each person who needs a test. You must register for your concierge service register at least 3 days before.

How it works

Choose the city where you need in-person COVID testing services.
Rapid Antigen testing is available ($99 USD + VAT) with results in 3 hours or less and RT/PCR testing is available ($179 USD + VAT) in select locations with results in 48 hours or less.
You must complete your registration at least 3 days before you need to be tested. You will be asked to enter your requested testing time and location during the registration process.
Our concierge staff will contact you through the AZOVA app to confirm the time and location for your testing.
At the scheduled time of your test, our staff will arrive and collect a sample for each person who has registered.
You will receive your results online through AZOVA in 3 hours or less (rapid antigen) and less than 48 hours (RT/PCR).

Please note: if you are not available at your scheduled time and location, your test may not be completed and no refunds will be given.

For Assistance Please Call: +1 (833) 238-7001

We are available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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