Our Pharmacy Networks

When you register for any of the above networks, you can choose to opt into any of the other network options. You only need to complete one registration process.

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Interventions can be delivered by any modality

Secure Messaging
In-Home Visits

How it works

Step 1

To receive clinical service opportunities, you must first join the AZOVA Digital Clinical Pharmacy Network through the onboarding link below.

It costs only $1 per month per pharmacy location or per independent pharmacist to join the network. This includes the cost of the software required to participate in any of the clinical programs through the network.

Note: This is a 100% self-guided onboarding process. It will take about 20 minutes to complete onboarding. If you already have an account on AZOVA, you must still onboard to the network to participate in network opportunities.

The pharmacist in charge for your pharmacy should complete the onboarding process. If you have more than one location, choose the pharmacist in charge at one location to complete the onboarding process for all locations. This pharmacist will become the admin for your business on AZOVA and can add as many locations as needed. Add the email address of the PIC at each location during your onboarding.

You will need your personal pharmacist NPI number, each pharmacy’s NPI number, and the ACH information for your company (this information will be used to pay you). Note: Your membership also includes video calling, SMS notifications and FREE secure messaging for your pharmacist.

You will be asked to enter your credit card during the onboarding process. Your card will be charged the $1 membership fee and, for SMS and video calling (if you choose to use them). If you do not use the SMS and video calling, your card will not be charged. Video calling is $.03/minute. SMS is $.02/SMS. SMS is used only for notifications when you have a new appointment, an incoming video call, or an incoming message. You can choose to turn it on or off. Secure messaging is FREE OF CHARGE and unlimited unless you choose to upgrade to AZOVA's web chat tool. Check with your PSAO or your wholesaler to find out if your network has a coupon code.

Step 2

Once your pharmacy is signed up, AZOVA will begin sending you clinical service opportunities on your dashboard. You’ll be notified via text and email for each new opportunity.

Step 3

Complete each opportunity by documenting all fields in the patient chart that we send to you.

Step 4

Set the appointment status to “Completed”. This will submit a claim for payment through AZOVA.

Step 5

You will receive payment for each clinical program that you have successfully completed. We will notify you of each new clinical program opportunity as it arises. You will be asked to participate in webinar training and certification for each new clinical program before you can participate. Some programs will require in person training and certification.

Step 6

Clinical interventions must be completed within 24 hours of receipt. Any service opportunity that is not completed within 24 hours will be redistributed to another participating pharmacy in the network. If the patient has scheduled or self-registered for the service at your "pharmacy", you are expected to conduct and complete the service.

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