What We Offer

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Top quality care from wherever you are

Our board-certified Psychiatry providers and licensed therapists are available in all 50 states. Get help from anywhere.

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Quick and easy scheduling

No more waiting for weeks or even months to get an appointment, get started on your journey and see your provider online. Most first visits are within 2-3 days.

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Personalized treatment plans

Our providers work with you to create a treatment plan that is customized to your needs. We’ll follow through and make sure it's working.

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Secure and confidential

Our HIPAA-secure, 256-bit encrypted data system ensures that your information is private and secure.

Track Your Progress

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We Treat a Wide Array of Conditions

Our services are available for adults 18 and older and for children age 12 and up in some states.

  • Anxiety Disorders Anxiety Disorders
  • Depression Depression
  • Bipolar Disorder Bipolar Disorder
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Eating Disorders Eating Disorders
  • Disruptive Behaviour and Dissocial Disorders Disruptive Behaviour and Dissocial Disorders
  • Neurodevelopmental Disorders Neurodevelopmental Disorders
  • Behavioral Disorders Behavioral Disorders

We do not currently provide treatment online for Bipolar Type 1 or Schizophrenia.

Our Treatments

Therapy: 45-Minutes New Patient img

Therapy: 45-Minutes New Patient

Looking for tools to help you improve your mental health? This is the visit for you. Our licensed therapists provide clinically proven cognitive and behavioral therapy to support you on your journey to a better you.

Psychiatry: 45-Minutes New Patient img

Psychiatry: 45-Minutes New Patient

Need medication? This is the visit for you. During this visit you will get a full mental health evaluation with a treatment plan tailored to you. Our expert psychiatric team uses clinically proven treatments so you can be confident that you are getting high quality care.

Therapy: 30-Minutes Follow-up img

Therapy: 30-Minutes Follow-up

If you have already met with one of our therapy providers, book a follow-up visit here. Continue your mental health journey with one of our licensed therapists.

Psychiatry: 15-Minutes Follow-up img

Psychiatry: 15-Minutes Follow-up

If you have already met with one of our psychiatry providers and you would like to continue your journey to wellness, book a follow-up visit here.

Pain-free and speedy

“Very courteous and efficient staff. Our testing and subsequent documentation was pain-free and speedy. 24/7 appointments was definitely a plus. I will definitely use AZOVA’s services again for future travels.”

Best healthcare app

“The app worked great. It was very easy to schedule an appointment, even late at night and the staff was courteous and knowledgeable. Thank you.”

Seamless service

“Such an awesome service! Instructions were clear and easy to follow. The appointment call went seamlessly as well. The email and text reminders were also helpful.”


Crisis Resources

741-741 img

If you're in emotional distress, text HOME to connect with a counselor immediately.

988 img

Call or text the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline for 24/7 emotional support.

911 img

If you're having a medical or mental health emergency, call 911 or go to your local Emergency Room.

Frequently asked questions

Our mental health services are currently available in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.. AZOVA provides telehealth services through a network of licensed healthcare providers who are skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of many different behavioral health conditions.

We treat a variety of conditions including but not limited to addiction, attention deficit disorders, alcohol use disorder, alzheimer's disease, anorexia, anxiety, asperger’s syndrome, autism spectrum disorder, binge eating disorder, bipolar II disorder, body dysmorphic disorder, borderline personality disorder, bulimia, dementia, depression, gambling, gender identity, hoarding, hypersomnia, impulse control disorder, insomnia, kleptomania, nightmare disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, opioid use disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, paranoia, phobias, postpartum depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, somatic symptom disorder, stress, learning disorders, and tourette’s syndrome. We currently do not treat Bipolar Type 1 or Schizophrenia via telemedicine.

We currently do not treat crisis or emergency situations, schizophrenia, or bipolar type I disorder.

AZOVA behavioral health services are available for people 18 years of age and older. Treatment is available for children 12 years of age and older in certain states. Please submit your registration and we will match you to provider in your state. If we are unable to find a provider for you, we will provide a 100% refund with no questions asked.

Step 1: Take a free online assessment so that we can match you with a provider that is tailored to your needs.
Step 2: Meet with your provider and create a treatment plan.
Step 3: Access your treatment plan through the AZOVA app.
Step 4: Schedule a follow up visit with your provider.

Therapy visits cost $99 for a new patient visit and $69 for a follow up visit. Psychiatry visits cost $289 for a new patient visit and $108 for a follow up visit.

You can use an HSA or FSA to pay for your teletherapy or telepsychiatry visit. We will provide a receipt for you to submit to your health plan. To view your receipt, go to your dashboard and click on orders to view and print your receipt.

AZOVA provides a proprietary HIPAA-secure, 256-bit encrypted data system ensures that your information stays private.

Your health and safety is important to us. If you intend to hurt yourself or to end your life, please seek help immediately. AZOVA is not a substitute for emergency care. We recommend that you seek help from one of the following resources as soon as possible:

Go to a hospital emergency room near you.
Call 911 for emergency services.
Call 988 to contact the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline.
Text 741-741 to contact The Crisis Text Line.
If you are in an emergency situation, we recommend waiting until the crisis has passed before signing up for an appointment on AZOVA.

When you get a psychiatry visit through AZOVA, your provider will write for the prescription medications that he or she recommends for you. Your provider will prescribe what is appropriate for you, but will not prescribe any controlled substances such and Xanax®, Ativan® or Adderall®. If you are currently on a controlled substance that was not prescribed by an AZOVA provider, your AZOVA provider can see you as a patient, but will not renew a controlled substance prescription. Your AZOVA provider is able to make recommendations to an in person provider where necessary.

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You can chat with AZOVA’s Customer Support team for comprehensive support, including help with your account, testing, and results. We typically respond within 3 minutes or less. Click the messaging icon on the lower right corner of the page to get started.

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You can call the dedicated support line using the number below. Please note that wait times may vary depending on call volume.

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