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Comprehensive Online Men’s Health.

AZOVA™ partners with licensed independent physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants who specialize in a variety of men’s health concerns. With AZOVA™, you can submit photos, ask questions, and get your online visit and treatment delivered directly to you.

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Virtual Doctor’s Visits

Through AZOVA™, you can schedule a virtual doctor’s visit depending on your preference. We offer appointments using our private video-calling technology or our PhotoForward® secure messaging platform.

Telemedicine has become immensely popular over the past several years for several reasons. The convenience of receiving medical attention over the internet has drastically increased access to medical attention while reducing its cost for patients and doctors alike. In addition, the collective experience of the COVID-19 global pandemic has raised patients’ awareness of their susceptibility to contagions in group environments. That susceptibility is at its highest in hospitals and doctor’s offices. Using telemedicine platforms like AZOVA™, you can keep yourself and your family safe from exposure to these contagious environments.

Simply log into AZOVA™ and schedule an appointment for online medical care at a flat rate of $69 per appointment.

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Online Medical Prescriptions

Once your condition has been diagnosed, treatment can begin. During the appointment, your doctor will write any necessary prescriptions for the medical condition you’re experiencing. You can choose to schedule regular medication delivery to your home, or you can pick it up at a local pharmacy. Our network of medical professionals includes many licensed pharmacists who are available to answer any questions by providing you with virtual medication counseling and educational resources for various conditions.

Receiving and filling prescriptions is easier than ever using AZOVA™. Schedule your appointment today and ensure your prescription never runs out again.

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Pain-free and speedy

“Very courteous and efficient staff. Our testing and subsequent documentation was pain-free and speedy. 24/7 appointments was definitely a plus. I will definitely use AZOVA’s services again for future travels.”

Best healthcare app

“The app worked great. It was very easy to schedule an appointment, even late at night and the staff was courteous and knowledgeable. Thank you.”

Seamless service

“Such an awesome service! Instructions were clear and easy to follow. The appointment call went seamlessly as well. The email and text reminders were also helpful.”

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When Privacy Matters

AZOVA provides a proprietary HIPAA-secure, 256-bit encrypted data communication system that enables you to select how much data you want your employees to share with you. Request to view their full entered record or just their COVID vaccine or testing status.

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An app for easy record sharing

Download the AZOVA™ app to easily update, add, and share COVID vaccine and testing records, status, as well as use take COVID tests under video observation to meet the mandated guidelines for COVID testing.

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You can chat with AZOVA™’s Customer Support team for comprehensive support, including help with your account, testing, and results. We typically respond within 3 minutes or less. Click the messaging icon on the lower right corner of the page to get started.

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Information presented here is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition and is provided for educational purposes only. Always consult with your healthcare provider before making any healthcare decisions.

If you are having a life threatening emergency, please call 911 immediately.