Virtually Proctored Drug Testing

30-Minute Decisions, Confidence in Results –

The AZOVA Drug Testing Advantage


conduct pre-employment drug testing1

for traditional drug testing results2

are 10x more likely to miss work3

Discreet and Convenient

Saliva drug testing eliminates privacy concerns of urine tests.

Video Proctored for Integrity

Live proctoring ensures reliable sample collection and reduces the risk of tampering.

Fast and Accurate Results

Preliminary results delivered in 30 minutes or less for negative tests.

Confirmatory Testing Available

Ensure complete accuracy with lab confirmation.

MRO Services

Partner with a Medical Review Officer for result verification (optional).

Drug Testing
Drug Testing
Drug Testing
Lab-based and Point of Care Test (POCT)Lab-based & POCTLab-based & POCTLab Test Only
DirectionsLonger Detection period (3-4 days). Can’t detect very recent use.24 to 48 hour detection window. Immediate detection and up to 12 hours for THC.Longest, widest detection period (up to 90 days)
Recent Use DetectionLag time of several hours after initial usage.Within several minutes after usage of any drug.Lag time of 7-10 days after initial usage
Meets SAMHSA RegulationsYesYesProposed
Detection of Other DrugsVirtually all drugs + alcoholVirtually all drugs + alcoholVirtually all drugs
AdministrationAwkward and uncomfortableQuick, easy, non-invasive, and painless. Online testing results are available in minutes.Hair length may affect consistent screening practices. Who likes to cut their hair?
Turnaround TimesTurnaround Times are 2-3 daysOnsite testing results are available in minutes. Lab testing turnaround times are 2-3 days.Turnaround times are up to one week.

See AZOVA Proctored Drug Testing in action and discover how we can tailor a plan
to fit your organization’s unique needs.

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I used a different service for testing before and this was so much smoother and better! Very professional and friendly, they also helped me quickly when I accidentally deleted an appointment. 10/10 would recommend!

V. Cristy


The test taking was extremely easy. The proctor and customer service (which I had to call because of a mistake that I made) were both very friendly and efficient. And despite the hiccup my issue was resolved by customer service in less than 5 mins and the overall test taking was done within 10 mins. Super impressed!!

S. Ghosh


Such an awesome service! Instructions were clear and easy to follow. The appointment call went seamlessly as well. The email and text reminds were also helpful.

B. Fletcher

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