Ohio Employee Vaccination Network. Fast and Convenient COVID Vaccinations with Vaxigo.

Search by vaccine name or your location and schedule your COVID vaccine at a participating pharmacy near you.

Finding and getting vaccinated is easy

The AZOVA Vaccine Locator makes finding and booking vaccinations a simple process. Simply enter in the vaccine you want and where you are located to find vaccination providers near you.

Step 1

Select the vaccines you would like to get & where to get them.

Step 2

Create an account on AZOVA and complete the health review.

Step 3

Arrive and recevie your vaccines at the scheduled time.

Step 4

Receive your shareable vaccine record with VAXIGO®

Your digital vaccination record is updated everytime you get a vaccination

Vaxigo stores all your vaccine records in one place. No more dealing with loose documents. In addition, you can use Vaxigo to securely share your vaccination records with schools, health departments, and other organizations who need it. Your digital record is updated in real-time for all parties everytime you get a new vaccine through the vaccination locator.


“Vaxigo enables you to combine all of your immunization information from different sources into a real-time, consolidated and shareable digital record. You control which healthcare professionals, pharmacists, schools, family members or friends your information is shared with.”

-Cheryl Lee Eberting, MD, Founder and CEO, AZOVA

Not sure what vaccines you need?

Get a quick online visit with a doctor, pharmacist, or other healthcare provider who is trained in all sorts of vaccinations to learn which vaccines you and your family needs to remain healthy.

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