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Scheduling your test for a 72 hour testing timeframe

Review the following timeline carefully to ensure this test meets your travel needs and how to schedule your test.

Take your test and drop off at UPS before cutoff on MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT SUN
Lab receives test on TUE WED THU FRI SAT MON TUE
Results available between TUE – THU WED – FRI THU – SAT FRI – SAT SAT – MON MON – WED TUE – THU
Day of departure THU FRI SAT SUN MON TUE WED
  • Do not take your test or drop off your kit on Sunday. UPS does not pick-up or ship on Sunday.
  • This test is not recommended for Tuesday or Wednesday travel due to weekend shipping limitations.
  • It is your responsibility to determine the cutoff time and to get your test kit to the UPS store on time. If you miss the UPS cut-off time for next day air delivery, the lab may not receive your test kit in time for travel.
  • For drop off, please only use UPS Store locations. Do not drop off your sample at a pharmacy or convenience store even if it has a UPS drop-off option. Delivery times will be delayed.
  • Be aware of how the departure time and timezone of your flight may affect your ability to get your test to UPS in time. If you have a later departure and miss the UPS cutoff time, your sample will be delayed getting to the lab.
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