Get tested with AZOVA before your flight on Southwest

Southwest has partnered with AZOVA to bring you approved testing solutions for travel for departures within the United States and for travelers returning to the United States from Mexico and Costa Rica.

Multiple Southwest destinations have travel advisories in place. Our at-home COVID-19 test is approved for travelers departing within the United States who need testing, including travel to Hawaii as part of the State of Hawaii Trusted Testing and Partner Program and to Bermuda.

Purchase the AZOVA at-home COVID-19 saliva test 2–3 weeks before your trip.
Take the test according to your destination’s testing guidelines and timeframes and send back your sample with UPS.
Receive a digital copy of your test results 12–48 hours after the lab receives your sample.

Get your at-home COVID-19 test

AZOVA’s at home COVID-19 Saliva RT-PCR test is easy, painless, and highly accurate and is approved for travel on Southwest, including travel to Hawaii and Bermuda. You will receive a digital copy of your results 12–48 hours after the lab receives your sample. Your test results will also be added to your COVID Credentials, your shareable COVID-19 passport.

Get a COVID-19 Test

About AZOVA’s COVID-19 test

  • FDA authorized for emergency use
  • Analyzed in CLIA-certified labs
  • Saliva RT-PCR Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT)
  • Painless and noninvasive at-home collection
  • Suitable for young children who can provide a saliva sample
  • Trusted Testing and Travel Partner for Hawaii and Bermuda
  • Receive results 12–48 hours after the lab receives the sample
  • Overnight UPS return shipping included to and from the lab
  • Includes video observation for travel (if needed)
  • For use within the United States only
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